Session Tracking

Each check-in is tracked and time-stamped to the second. Enabling detailed reports on who attended which sessions and which zones were most popular.

Zone-based Access Control

Create zones for your guests, such as VIP and public, and set user profiles against each. Real-time checks will identify guests (allowing personal greetings), check for correct permissions, and whether their pass is already checked in.

Pre Event

Define your zones and attendee profiles via the dashboard. Each profile can have their own customized registration page. You can then select which zones each profile has access to.

During the Event

Ambassadors with hand-held touch points tap the attendee’s Smartband to check them into zones. Their name will appear on the screen and notify the ambassador if they can access that particular zone or not.

Post Event

Real-time check-in feeds and post event CSV reports are available through your dashboard. Enabling you to identify who attended which zones, and which sessions were most popular.

What previous customers say about our Access Control and Zone Tracking

The Access Control and Zone Tracking solution was beneficial for Formula E in a variety of ways. It reduced overall queue times and time scrolling through VIP guest lists to make a faster user journey. It also provided us with details on which VIP's accessed which zones, and which of the speaker sessions were most popular. This positively influenced the future planning of next year's season and our post-event marketing activities.

Formula E