Eventstagram in front of the MHS President

Melissa. Dan. Ollie. Joe. AJ. Julia. These are only some of the names that one learns within the first few days of working in Marketing at Crowd Reactive. My colleagues from now on, that work around the clock with much gusto to run the increasingly successful company I am now a part of.

My first few days as Marketing Manager has been a whirlwind of calendars, links, new terminology, cables, meetings, events, editing and coffee. Taking care of our two child-companies, Eventstagram and, is going to be quite a handful. As a growing company, the potential is huge, and there are  many places to reach out to. There is something for every event at Crowd Reactive, and my job is to get that information to every corner of the world so everyone can benefit for the product.

One of the perks of this marketing job is getting to attend a variety of events where different companies pitch about their services and products, as well as give advice on how to achieve different milestones. While this may sound a tad too promotional, it is actually very interesting to get to meet people in the Digital Marketing world. Everyone has something to add on, be it the most influential person of a massive company, to the hippie intern that started last week.

Knowledge is key. Especially in a world that changes every second, as is ours. These are some of the marketing events we attended this week, to hear about the latest trends and practices on the market, as well as inspirational speeches from some very successful people!


1. London Social Media Cafe (at Timberyard)


We learnt all about “How stuff spreads” thanks to a very clear and interesting speech by Jess Owens from Pulsar. All better digested with a nice cup of coffee and a selection of the Cafe’s very tempting cakes. A must for people looking to map out the ways their content spreads, and what clusters they should focus the most on.


2. Digital Doughnut’s 6th Birthday Party Meetup (at Zigrid von Underbelly)

First things first: yes, the name of the venue is real. And it was pretty funny to ask random people for directions to it, let me say.  After practically forcing us to have a doughnut to celebrate the company’s 6th birthday, we enjoyed the presentations of John Horsley (founder of Digital Doughnut), Emma Durant, Chris Arnold, and Lilach Bullock (the 14th most influential woman in digital media according to Forbes). Common themes were the success of their companies, how they had worked towards the reputation they now hold, and future plans of growth.


3. ‘Don’t you know who I am?!’  Reputation and Influence by Online Marketing London (on the HMS President)


Ladies, if you have an event on a boat, and would like to keep your dignity intact when boarding, I would suggest you keep your heels at home. Or at least for after you have walked over the gangway and are safely on. The Marketing team at Eventstagram spent a very enjoyable evening learning from Azeem Azhar (PeerIndex), Lincoln Coutts and Giles Palmer (Brandwatch) on how to build up the correct reputation online, and the importance on how one’s digital self is perceived. Bottom line: reputation is power.


Are there any more marketing events you think we should go to?


What’s the importance of social video?

The internet has democratised entertainment for the masses. With this dramatic shift in communication and technology, an outdated marketing strategy simply doesn’t stand a chance. If you want to take advantage of the opportunity and reach out to billions of viewers, now is the time to make a change. But how can a business actively make an attempt to break into the social video revolution without sending the wrong message? This brave new market is populated with a much more savvy audience than your typical mass media viewership, so your approach will need to be much different.

Thankfully, we’ve got just the information you’re looking for. With the help of the infographic below, provided by, you’ll discover everything you need to know about social video before jumping into the game. Whether you’re looking to reach out to your audience directly, create high quality content or just reach the largest audience, this handy guide will explain some of the most important details to take into consideration when making the right choice.

It’s time to recognise the power of this burgeoning young industry and tap into one of the largest markets on the world wide web. Learn more about the digital media revolution and prepare to adapt your business to this revolutionary change in media consumption.


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