Ever thought of the perks of a social media slideshow for your event? We all know that the Internet and Social Media are here to stay. We use new words like hashtagtweetshare or pin on a daily basis. And vocabulary is not the only thing that has seen a huge transformation thanks to technology. The way we communicate with each other has also been modified, with our virtual lives sometimes becoming as important as our real ones.

The O2 is a huge entertainment venue located in London; boasting cinemas, an indoor arena, restaurants and piazzas. Due to their large and varied clientele, they recognized and embraced this new-found tendency to make everything social. They sought to engage this constant influx of audience, and rose to the next level where content marketing was concerned, setting up a live social media slideshow.

Number of People Engaging In a Social Media Slideshow?

At the O2 complex, people shared nearly 16,000 interactions over a 6-month period. The average Twitter user has 208 followers, while Instagram has a whopping 200 million monthly users, making each of these interactions an advert in itself, to a very targeted demographic! The amount of impressions can multiply into the millions through this peer-to-peer referral by just letting the crowd share their photos, as they normally would.


How does it work?

Crowd Reactive, creates completely bespoke, whitelabel Instagram and Twitter slideshows to engage your crowd while maximizing your exposure on social media. We allow you to collate all the photos taken at an event under a specific hashtag. We then display them in real-time on a big screen, keeping your crowd connected to the brand as they watch their photos and videos appear.

What platform works best for a live slideshow at an event?

The numbers speak loud and clear: Instagram is king when it comes to sharing photos. A 72% of the crowd chose to take a picture and upload it to Instagram with a specific hashtag to see themselves on the screen.

Twitter comes in second, with 16% of the crowd. However, half of these were tweets, and the other half were actual pictures. Visual content is becoming even more important nowadays, so social media walls need to make sure that they are not saturated by text!

What kind of events can benefit from having a real-time social media feed on a screen?

Eventstagram at the Gadget Show

The bespoke whitelabel Instagram and Twitter slideshows service Crowd Reactive is mother company to the plug and play option Eventstagram. These slideshows can be set up for any event: concerts, shopping malls, big festivals, fairs, birthdays, graduations… The demand for slideshows at weddings was so high, that we also created ii.do, specializing in Instagram and Twitter slideshows for weddings.

We also have many other features such as on-site printing, wedding albums, data reports on the engagement of your crowd… Come and say hi to us on the 20th of June at the Tech Fest, and ask us about any projects you have in mind.


The importance of being able to take good phone pictures is no secret. The camera is now one of the most important features users are looking for when searching for a new phone. That’s why many companies are in a battle to see who can develop the best camera on a phone in the market. However, the secret to taking great pictures is not always in the phone itself. There are certain steps one must take, and things to take into account, before you can get that jaw-dropping snap. Here are 9 tips that will help you attain that level of Phone-Photography God.

1. Get To Know Your Phone

Before taking amazing pictures, you need to know the ins-and-outs of your phone. Take the time to sit down and play around with it, look up suggestions in forums, or… even open up the instruction booklet (gasp!). Make sure the camera is always in high resolution mode, so that the image is cleaner and bigger.   lolsaints

2. Clean Your Lenses

The lens of your smartphone is generally quite exposed to the elements, since they don’t have a great deal of protection. Your mom is right when she tells you not to put your fingers all over it, and to keep it as clean as possible. No photo is going to come out right with a dirty lens. To clean it, wipe it carefully in circular motions with a tissue or soft material. igyaan

3. Balance out the color and brightness

Check the best settings for you phone depending on if you are taking shots inside with close to no light, or outside in the bright sun. Some phones come with an automatic brightness and color feature, but you have to wait a few seconds for it to do it for you.   Papeliedades

4. The center is not always good

Professional photographers know that when it comes to framing, it’s not attractive to make the object you want to portray the center of the image. For example, if you want to take a picture of a person, don’t try and get them in the center, but work around them so that your eye is attracted to them naturally, not forced to, as it would in the center. You can also play around with angles for a more creative twist.   pixels

5. Lighting Is Important For Good Phone Pictures


The math is simple: the more light, the more defined and clear the photo will be. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the lighting to reach surprising effects. Sun rays are fun to play around with, but if you want to shade your lens from them, just put your hand as if where a hat over the lens, without actually covering it.


6. Shaky hands?


Some phones have a stabilizing option, but that only works up to a certain point. Try and lean on something when taking a picture, and grip the phone firmly with both hands. Press the button carefully and patiently, no slight tapping. Keep your finger on it for a good second, and hold the camera steady for about a second after taking the snap



7. Friendly flash


Sometimes, a flash helps you take good phone pictures when there isn’t much light. But it’s not a great idea to keep on using it, since it also makes images look fake and bland sometimes. The LED flashes most smartphones come with are quite strong, but they don’t stop movement. Or those horrid red eyes, that you then have to try and cover up with an ever creepier black-eye look.   Cambridge in Color

8. Macro? Yes. Zoom? No.

The Macro mode on smartphone cameras is great to get really close to things, as it captures every single detail. The zoom, however, is the complete opposite, since digital photography lacks the necessary quality. So get as close as possible to your source of inspiration, and ditch the zoom!   4057727745_7fb48638f0     These are only the basics, but tell us what else you do to get a good picture with your phone!


Recruiters are relying on social media more than ever before to fill positions. Platforms like LinkedIn and Xing now have Twitter and Facebook hot on their heels in the recruitment race. Instagram, too, is one to watch.

150 million Instagrammers are on the platform every day. At the moment, though, there are only 123 Fortune 500 companies using the platform.

We spoke to Erin Osterhaus, HR Researcher at Software Advice, about Instagram as a lively community of potential new recruits.

“Instagram, for some, may be just the boost they need to stay competitive in the war for talent. If you take into consideration the audience best suited for Instagram, the platform could very well help you find your next crop of new hires. Instagram allows companies to curate visually-focused posts that generate more shares and expose their brand to a wider array of Internet users who may potentially want to work for them.” – Erin

We asked who is most likely to benefit from using Instagram over LinkedIn.

“It truly depends on the target audience for your company’s job posting. LinkedIn appeals to a more experienced demographic. According to Business Insider, LinkedIn ‘has the advantage of being the place for white-collar professionals to network, meaning its population is highly desirable since it is a high-income and highly educated user base.’ Meanwhile, Instagram is best for targeting younger, entry-level workers.”

Erin recently spoke with brand manager Veronica Segovia from PR software company Cision and senior director of talent Mark Schell from digital marketing agency HelloWorld, along with his recruitment colleague Sarah Sheffer. Their discussion turned to Instagram recruitment and these four questions emerged as vital when determining whether or not it’s the platform for you:

1. Are you already recruiting with social media? Instagram is a more effective hiring tool when utilized with other social media platforms.

“I suggest syncing your Instagram up with your Facebook and Twitter feeds to increase your visibility online and encourage interaction. It might seem silly to post an image announcing a job posting but according to Buffer it’s worth the extra steps—in a recent study, the company found that Tweets with images received 150% more retweets and 89% more favorites.” – Erin

2. Are you already using Instagram? For both Cision and HelloWorld, being active on social is vital as they sell social software and marketing. They have active Instagram accounts and it makes sense to utilise them for recruitment – you’ll need to spend time nurturing an active Instagram feed before launching into a recruitment drive.

3. What’s the role? Instagram is great for creative recruitment. Users of the platform are in the mood to discover and, with a striking image, you’re likely to attract those that value imagination and originality.

“HelloWorld recently offered Samantha Bankey, a former intern, the position of marketing coordinator via Instagram. Like many marketing majors, Bankey was extremely active on social media. So, when her supervisors posted the offer to the photo sharing site, she accepted within minutes.” – Mark

4. Is your team on Instagram? Cision taps into the passion for social media shared by their existing team to attract new members. Segovia says she encourages the recruiting team to post work-related content regularly and to tag shared photos of team dinners/company trips with the company’s recruiting handle, @cisionglobal. As she says, this has been one of the best ways to increase traffic to their career site.


Have you ever used Instagram to search for new employees?


In a vibrant and multicultural setting, London events are not to be missed. The city is quite an attraction in itself and there are many things you can do, places to go and people to see. However, if you want a real taste of the “posh” English life, here’s a list of the 5 London events that must be on your agenda.

Our 5 Top Classy London Events

 1. The Royal Ascot

Every year, around mid-June, the shiniest horses and the most outrageous hats get together in Ascot. If you’re on the look out for a “posh” sports event, this is your place to rub shoulders with Lords, Ladies, and Her Majesty herself (if you can see anything through all the feathers). Choose between various tickets:

  • Silver Ring: no need to lug a giant plant pot on your head, since there is no dress code. The cheapest ticket of them all, at just under £30
  • Grandstand: with access to entertainment and the military display – plus you get to sing along every day after the race
  • Royal Enclosure: only for sponsored members




2. Afternoon Tea at Cliveden

They recommend that you book three weeks in advance and it costs around £35 for the basic run-through in the former home of Nancy Astor, Britain’s first female MP. They also have champagne and afternoon tea hybrids available, as well as the possibility to indulge in their Cliveden blend while floating down the Thames. Your car will be taken care of by the valet, while you scoff down nibble on smoked salmon finger sandwiches with curried mayo, orange and chocolate eclairs or meringue macaroons. Clotted cream and scones also make a star appearance!



3. Hampton Court Palace Festival 

Prices start at £45 for an opportunity to rock that tweed outfit you never thought you’d wear, and be prepared for the challenge of sitting up correctly while balancing a cup of tea on your lap and lifting your pinkie with every sip. This event congregates a number of well-known artists that will serenade you, come rain or shine, while you enjoy a picnic casually thrown together by Jamie Oliver.




4. Concourse of Elegance

This takes place in September and prices start off at £35. Eyeball posh cars ranging from the Ferrari 250 GTO to a 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 Jonckheere Coupe. The venue changes every year but the dress code still states that no trainers or shorts are allowed. It’s different to other competitions, since organizers believe that if a car has been invited to participate in the Concours, it’s already a winner, with each vehicle owner voting on the other car that they consider to be the most elegant in the event.

Windsor Castle Concours of Elegance 2012

5. Hit the West End for dinner

It’s not a top-notch event but certainly something a little pricey that you must do in London. Have a relaxing evening in a good seat and top it off with a nice dinner at the AquaShard, on the 31st floor of the Shard building overlooking the Thames.




Which other posh event would you go to in London?


An increasing amount of importance is being set on cell phone cameras. Ever said “I don’t care about the phone…as long as it has a good camera!”? We sure have… Taking good pictures on the go isessential, with the boom of social media and sharing content. You can reap the benefits of having a phone that takes good pictures in both your professional and private life.

5 Best Cell Phone Cameras


1. Nokia Lumia 1020



The King of Smartphones, especially if we are talking about resolution, with a 41 MP sensor, and able to magnify zoom in real time. Some of it’s finest features include:

  • Post-picture zoom in to your picture without damaging the quality
  • Control focus, white balance and shutter speed
  • Very sensitive screen, that allows you to take pictures more precisely


2. iPhone 5s



It took less than 2 months for Apple to sell over 32 million of these, and it’s the iPhone with the best camera, until now. It has been enhanced by increasing the sensor size a 15% and its light sensitivity a 33%. This has allowed its iSight camera to produce more precise and colorful images. Some further details:

  • True Tone: two flashes, one white and one amber give the picture the perfect temperature
  • Burst mode: captures up to 10 frames per second
  • Autofocus: twice as fast
  • Slo-mo video
  • 3X Zoom: zoom while recording


3. Samsung Galaxy S4






It’s versatility makes it unique. It doesn’t boast of 1000 MP (it’s rear camera only has 13 MP), but it’s good because it became the pioneer and role model in the use of features such as:

  • Dual Camera: the ability to capture a photo with both cameras (front and back) at the same time
  • Sound & Shot: not only is immortalizing a moment, but also to capture the sound. Yes, that’s right…It lets you hear the sound it had when you took the photo!
  • The video  remains in Full HD (1080p) within 3o fps and the result is good depth and brightness


4. LG G2 Pro




This beauty comes with a 13 MP camera with a good image stabilization (OIS). Yes, we know there are cameras with more megapixels, but here we have a big plus:  4K video recording, delivering 2160p content.The front camera, meanwhile, only a measly 2.1 MP. It’s battery lasts about 17h. The results are shown on a 5.9 ” Full HD screen and, for you selfie-lovers out there,it has a special capture mode, adding a white background to your photo, so that the flash effect is softer.

  • Slow-Mo HD video recording in slow motion at 120 fps
  • Magic Focus: you can choose the depth of focus to your liking
  • Burst Photo: 20 continuous photos
  • The sensor is larger and more sensitive

5. Huawei Ascend Mate 2




It has a 5MP front camera that can even take panoramic pictures. So, again, if you’re into selfies, this is a great phone. Add a 13MP main camera and f/2.0 aperture, allowing in a greater amount of light in darker scenarios, to be admired on your 6.1″ HD screen.

  • Pictures can be taken even with gloves on , thanks to its ‘ Gloves Mode’ , which turns the screen into ‘ ultra sensitive ‘ .
  • Its “Auto Face Enhancement” technology allows you to modify a portrait, enhancing light and sharpness
  • You can share your photos through 4G


It’s hard to say what phone is the best when it comes to cameras, since every person is unique, and they have their own needs and pet peeves when it comes to their cells.


Which one would you recommend to someone that was looking for a great camera on a phone?

As a Sales Manager, Joe’s job is to be the friendly Eventstagram voice that contacts potential customers, and shows them our amazing product! He then coordinates the slideshow fitting into their needs, and resolves any questions they may have as quickly as possible.

1. Where are you from?


I’m originally from Thailand, but have been living in the UK since I was 8!

2. What do you do at Eventstagram as a Sales Manager?

I work supporting the Sales Team. I assist in administrative jobs, analyse competitors and present reports about my conclusions. I’m also studying different ways to create and present packages for different clients. This is my third week, so I’m still learning the ropes.

3. Describe yourself in 3 words?

Bubbly, high-spirited and positive.

4. What event would you like to attend?

The Billabong XXL World championships. It’s a massive surfing competition held every year, usually in Australia or South America. I love surfing , and have wanted to go since I was a kid.

5. How would you describe your team?

They are truly a tenaciously creative and fun bunch of people. Working with them on a day to day basis is a great motivation. They are highly reliable, and put their heart and soul into satisfying whatever the client’s needs are, at whatever time. Some people even work at night, since we have lots of customers in the US!

6. What are your hobbies?

I enjoy reading, writing, eating… And of course, surfing.

7. A pet peeve of yours?

Answering questionnaires. I’m making a huge effort here (ha, ha).

8. What countries have you been to?

Three countries – UK, Thailand and Portugal. But I plan on visiting a load more in the near future.

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