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If you’re an event planner, you’re most probably already using social media as one of your day-to-day staple strategies to get the word out there. It’s a powerful and inexpensive tool to network with other professionals in your industry, as well as build up a collection of tech-savvy followers that will look up to you as a professional in the field (if you can write good, exclusive content).

But before you launch yourself into the social media world, you have to determine how much time you want to be spending on it, define your tone of voice, how you wish to interact with your followers and which channels you would like to do all of this from. Here are our tips for making the best of your social media being an event planner.

1. Choose your social media platforms

Unless you have a dedicated social media team, it’ll be difficult to reach out to your target audience effectively on every single social media platform. If you want to post to Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all the other channels out there, you might want to quit your job and become a community manager! Take two or three channels where you know your followers hang out and focus on them, for now.

2. Create your own content

Follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of the content you post on social media should be your own, original stuff. When people share it, because it’s so darn good, they’ll be exposing your brand to all their own friends and followers. Other people’s content should make up around 20% of your social media posts. Tag the authors so they know that you appreciated their content. It can be a great way to network and get connected to people you admire in your industry.

3. Curate your own content

Make sure you comb through your posts every so often to weed out any content that isn’t consistent with your brand voice or with what you’re doing. This is especially important if there are lots of different team members posting on behalf of your brand.

4. Use post-scheduling tools

Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer are indispensable in the lead up to big events. Pre-schedule the content you want people to see, weeks or even months in advance. You can stock up on interesting third-party content when you get a spare few hours (that 20%), and drip feed it to your audience over a few weeks.

5. Keep a consistent brand voice

If your clients are all luxury-lovers, it isn’t a great idea to write about budget events and how to spend less on the bar. Keep your content consistent with what your clients are asking to know. Study who it is you’re writing for closely, and stick to the information they need!


What social media channels do you use to promote your events? At EventTag, we specialize in Twitter and Instagram!

event marketing mistakes

Even though the event planner needs to have a certain air of godly-ness about them, the fact is, we are all human and we all make mistakes. Thankfully, these kinds of mistakes are easily repairable and allow us to learn and move forward professionally. One day we’ll just laugh about it …won’t we?

Event Planner Mistake 1: Not promoting enough

And we don’t just mean on social media. We mean actually picking up a phone, ringing the press, reaching out to influential people and useful contacts that might have instant access to potential attendees that might make a huge difference to the outcome of your event. There are many different ways to engage your audience!

Event Planner Mistake 2: Thinking that once the event is over, it’s over

The days after the event are probably just as important as the ones before it. Catch up with the attendees and ask them their opinion on the event, the organization, the speakers – all of it. You can then take that valuable information and apply what you’ve learnt to your next event.

Event Planner Mistake 3: Having the wrong attitude

Some planners get to the event late, leave before it ends, don’t stay to help tidy up and forget to greet the guests. Having a great attitude during the whole day will make people actually want to attend the next event, and recommend it to other people.

Event Planner Mistake 4: Ignoring Murphy’s Law

Anything that could go wrong, might. That’s why it’s necessary to make a risk assessment before the event and have a plan in case the fire alarm goes off or there aren’t enough chairs.

Event Planner Mistake 5: Not confirming vendors

Vendors have a lot on their mind. Finding the time to send them a request for confirmation email 48 hours in advance will allow for some time to react if someone forgot to do something.

Event Planner Mistake 6: Not asking for help

Event planners are human. Yes, they are. They can only take on so much and can only be in one place at a given time. Set yourself realistic expectations and enlist help if necessary, to ensure a smooth running on the day.


Have you ever made one of these mistakes? Comment below to tell us the outcome!

eventstagram slideshow

Want to instagram an event professionally? Or tweet it? At Eventstagram, we allow you to collate all of the photos taken at an event under a specific hashtag. We then display them in real-time on a big screen, keeping your crowd entertained as they watch their photos and videos appear. We engage your crowd while maximizing your exposure on social media.

We are a plug and play tool for the event planners looking to host the coolest party, conference, birthday, trade show, presentation, graduation… You name it, we can screen it! We’ve been used by the likes of Ferrari, Nike, Casio, FireFly Festival, Lollapalooza, Starbucks, The Gadget Show….
How does this benefit your crowd? They get to entertain themselves, posting all their pictures directly up on to a screen (or screens) in less than 10 seconds. You can also implement special features like a photo booth, or allow them to print their pictures off to take home, like we did at a Clinique event.
How does this benefit you? Apart from having a happy and entertained crowd, they will be doing your marketing for you. The exposure you get with one hashtag alone is enough to reach over 2 million people, as we saw in our Ferrari event. That’s like having a LOT of people at your event, but virtually.


Steps to Professionally Instagram an Event

1. Login or create an account on Eventstagram

  • Go to Eventstagram
  • Click on the top-right corner to log in or get started
  • Fill in your chosen method of login or create your account

2.Create an event from your Slideshow Dashboard

  • You will find yourself in your Slideshow Dashboard. From here, you can keep an eye on all the events you ever create.
  • To get started on your slideshow, click on “Create an event”.
  • You will see a complete chart naming all our different types of slideshows, and the features they offer, as well as prices and moderation options.
  • For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll be purchasing a Professional Package.

eventstagram dashboard

3. Insert your event details

For us to create the slideshow for your event just as you want it, we need to ask you where and when you will be using it!

eventstagram event details



  • Event name: what will it be called?
  • Timezone: pretty important for you to fill out correctly, since timing is key for us, and we need to know when to start your slideshow!
  • Collection period: for those who want to collect pictures from various weeks or days before the big event. You can select the date and time that the collection would start and end at. Remember, it always has to be BEFORE the event. Click “Apply”.
  • Hashtag creation: get as creative as you can! Think of a really personal hashtag for your event.
  • Add check in locations: you can add the name of your location for your guests to be able to check-in their pictures too! Just type in the location, and search for it on our list of suggestions. You can use as many as you like, if there are various venues.
  • Photo sources: do you want your slideshow to show the pictures that people upload to both Twitter and Instagram? Then tick them both.
  • Entry moderation: it’s normally best to select to ban those pictures that you would like to delete from the slideshow.
  • Instructions: We will automatically fill this out with you with the hashtags you chose and a call to action, but you can modify the message your guests will see up on the screens.

Once you’ re done, click on “Save”, and sign into your Twitter or Instagram accounts, as requested.

4. Design your slideshow

What you see know is your slideshow. The pictures that are being displayed are just dummies for you to see how it will look after you start it, they are not the pictures that will be on your slideshow! This is the part were you get to play around with designs, colours, timing, displays… Tweak all the different options you see around the screen, until you find the design that most appeals to you. There are any options for you to try out, so just explore and find what suits you the most. You can always press “Preview” on the top-right corner to see exactly what it would look like at your event!

design eventstagram slideshow
5. Redeem your credits for the slideshow you created

Once you’re happy with your preview, you can redeem your credits (purchasable at any stage on Eventstagram) for your slideshow! If you never purchased any credits before, you can just press on the pink “Buy” button and purchase them easily from there, to then redeem afterwards.
Click on the pink shopping cart button on the top left of the preview page to redeem your credits. The page will remind you of how many you will be redeeming with your purchase, and how many you have left. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to edit and change the settings of your slideshow!

6. Have your slideshow ready to just click

Once you’ve redeemed your credits, you will be able to see your actual slideshow running on the screen. You will see a watermark on it, saying “Start the countdown to remove this watermark”. You should start the countdown when you are ready to start displaying your slideshow to the guests on the actual event day. On the top-left corner, you’ll be able to see how much slideshow time you have left. You can play and pause the slideshow as many times as you want, to break up the time.

eventstagram slideshow
7.  Extra edition, add-ons, and banning pictures

By clicking on the “Your events”, you will be able to see a list of all the events you created, as well as their details, such as how much slideshow time you have for each one,and if it’s in progress or not.

eventstagram dashboard



  • Edit: you can change your design or the information you inserted earlier on.
  • Play:start the countdown from here, or just take a look as a preview.
  • Add-ons: depending on what plan you selected, you will be able to see different add-ons.
  • Buy more hours: want more? Get them here!
  • Moderate: did someone take a picture where your double chin seems to have a life of its own? Ban the pictures you don’t want to appear on the slideshow from here. You will be redirected to a page called “Your photos” from where you will be able to preview and ban any inappropriate images.
  • Delete: if you want to start from scratch.

8. Get the set ready

This is all you will need on the day:

  • A laptop or tablet to access the account on our website when you are playing the slideshow.
  • A projector with a blank wall or screen to project it on, or a TVA cable that will go from your device to the projector
  • WIFI
  • And of course, your crowd with their mobile phones, that will supply the slideshow with images that will market your event on social media for you!

Sit back and enjoy your guests being engaged and your marketing soaring thanks to it!



ferrari event slideshow

Eventstagram was asked to deliver a slideshow to make Ferrari’s Speciale 458 presentation one of a kind. And here is the outcome!

The Ferrari Event

We buckled up and got onboard Ferrari’s new ride, the Speciale 458, in a sleek event that took place on the 16th of November 2013. Looking to expand the outreach of their event, as well as entertain their guests, Ferrari reached out to us with a request to create a bespoke slideshow design for them.

The Ferrari Crowd

Only the most exclusive and select people were invited to this unveiling of Ferrari’s new crown jewel. Due to this, many attendees had a large following on social media. This meant that when they interacted with the social media feed, they were advertising the event to a multitude of friends and followers online, who generally were of a similar demographic to the attendees. This resulted in the Ferrari launch reaching millions of people that were not at the event, who were eager to see the 458 Speciale for themselves.

The Crowd’s Content

ferrari event slideshow

The Crowd Reactive live slideshow in action, displaying all the pictures and tweets with the hashtag #458moments that the crowd was uploading at the event

Ferrari Speciale 458

This photo was posted by @IanJamesPoulte. It reached a massive 1,604,879 people.


ferrari event

@supercarfocusdotcom posted this picture, reaching 402, 826 people.


The Results

In 6 hours, 51 people posted the following:

  • 274 photos and videos
  • 16 tweets

This content generated:

  • …and most importantly, and outreach to 2,037,751 people

The following chart features the shared content, broken down into different platforms:


eventstagram chart

  • Instagram: 256
  • Twitter Retweets: 24
  • Twitter photos: 15
  • Instagram video: 3
  • Twitter (via Instagram):

The Video

The Verdict


Just want to thank you for the work you pulled off over the last few days, it looked stunning in the space, worked flawlessly, and the client loved it. Please pass our thanks on to the Eventstagram team in London, we owe you all a beer.-Jack Butcher, Creative Director, Sapient Nitro (Ferrari)

The London team will keep that very much in mind!

Eventstagram slideshow beefeater

Technology is nowadays the most important key to promoting your event. Event technology allows you to expand the awareness of your gathering to a completely new level, allowing millions of people to access content about events they would never be able to attend.

Event professionals are using technology for just about everything today! Of course, the old pen and paper will be sticking around for a while, but there are definite trends to be followed already when it comes to technology used to promote events.

Event Technology Trend #1: Event Apps

They allow both the event planner and the attendee a quicker and easier way to manage their gatherings, both before and after the event take places. They engage and motivate your attendees, and offer you in-depth data about how your attendees performed at the event.

Back in the day, event planners had to resort to ready-made programs to organize their events, that forced them to learn how the new app worked. There are now generic platforms available, that will allow the event professional to customize their own platform to their event’s needs, such as DoubleDutch or Quickmobile.

Event Technology Trend #2: Content Management

Many event professionals have been using Twitter, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, etc. to engage their attendees at events. But it’s becoming increasingly important to collate all that valuable social media content, to be able to measure how this has had a helping hand in the event’s promotion. Eventstagram is very used, thanks to its detailed reporting, and an important difference: your crowd is engaged and entertained by their own content being shown live on a big screen. It’s a win-win situation!

Event Technology Trend #3: Videos

Visual equals engaging in today’s events. So it hardly comes as a surprise to know that videos engage between 400% and 700% more than plain text, according to Flimp. In the same way, emails that contain videos will get between 2 and 3 times more clicks than static emails. And the good news is, watching videos is becoming easier and easier, with new technology allowing us to stream easily from tablets, phones, computers and TVs.

We know that event promotion is an art. Have you got any other event technology suggestions to add? 


event planner tools

Are the papers on your desk getting so high you can barely see over them? Does your event planning office looks like a paper jungle, where important documents get mysteriously misplaced on a regular basis? You know you are organized, but it doesn’t seem to reflect in your content hoarding skills.

Being an event planner, you have to work with tons of content every day: documents, brochures, pamphlets, blogs, articles, thank-you cards… So it’s important to find ways to manage these massive amounts of content, without losing a huge amount of time doing so.

Book A Call To Discuss Your Event Today!

Essential Content Management Tools for Event Planners

1. Dropbox

Make all your photos, videos and documents accessible from every device you come across. That way you’ll have no trouble showing off your work, or finding the information on a certain document, with it’s helpful search tools. You can also edit docs on the go, and automatically upload photos, so you don’t need to worry about losing them.

2. Feedly

It’s a network of people that read, organize and share content that’s relevant to them. You can create your own online feed, and see what other people have been checking out.

3. Flipboard

Discover, collect and share the news that’s relevant to you. Add your favorite social networks, articles and blog posts to stay on top of the topics and people you are interested in.

4. Audible

When one is an event planner, time is not to be squandered by sitting down and reading a book. That’s why audiobooks are great, because they let us move around and do stuff while still learning interesting stuff. You can download a free one to try it out, and then choose between its over 150,000 titles.

5. Dragon Dictation

Easy-to-use voice recognition application that allows users to easily speak and instantly see text or email messages. In can be up to five times faster than typing on the keyboard. Free hands, at last!

6. Log Me In

Join millions of people that already use this to control remotely, share files, backup data…Its award-winning solutions are easy to try, buy, and deploy from any web browser with an Internet connection.

7. DocuScan

One of a kind: the only assistive technology product of its kind that makes documents available at all times, as it’s cloud-based. It allows you to scan, read, save and email printed documents and PDFs.


The easiest, fastest, most secure way to send, sign, track, and store documents in the cloud. No more scrabbling around for a pen!

What other tools are there out there that you use to keep your event planner content in check?

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With a social wall at your event, you can live-stream a hashtag and have your guests decorating the venue with their tweets and selfies.

You might want official, professionally-shot photos up there too, mingling with content from your guests. We can help make that happen, in real time.

Introducing Eye-Fi technology

…SD card meets wi-fi hotspot.

Step one

Download  the Eye-fi app on your mobile or laptop.

Step two

Insert the SD card into your camera as you would a regular card. (Except this is a lot more exciting.) See a list of compatible cameras here.

Step three

Sync up the card and your app, following on-screen instructions.


And we’ll help with the rest.


Will you be using a social wall at your next event?

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