eventstagram teamThe Eventstagram family continues to grow over in New York! One of our latest additions is the lovely Jacqueline Freedman, an expert in client relations. She offered to take on the challenge of answering each and every one of the many client questions before, during and after events, to make sure Eventstagram is completely in line with the client’s expectations.

1. Where are you from?

I hail from the Lone Star State: Dallas, Texas.

2. What do you do at Eventstagram?

I am a Relationship Manager, which means I am in charge of client relations during an event and after an event as well as trying to maintain relationships for future possible events/campaigns. I also am in charge of customer service and answering email and chat inquiries.. 

3. Describe yourself in 3 words

Direct, passionate, and personable.

4. What event would you like to attend?

I really want to attend one of our sports or concert displays!

5. How would you describe your team?

My team is a tight-knit crew that balances each of our strengths perfectly

6. What are your hobbies?

TV, going to concerts, basketball, and anything to do with puppies!

7. A pet peeve of yours?

Restless legs and the subsequent mini-earthquake created!

8. What countries have you been to?

USA, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Ecuador, Brazil, UK (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Great Britain) France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Japan

Check out the Eventstagram social media wall service, and chat to Jacqueline on how to implement it at your event!


event technology

Every time you walk into a new gathering, there is always some new gadget up on the wall, or around people’s heads. Event technology is shape-shifting our world every other second, to the point where you sign up for a conference with a pen one day, and have to access through an eyeball scan the next.

There is no telling where event technology will take us next, and if congregations like meetings or conferences will ever be the same. However, there are a few staple features at events that will not be changed, no matter how much technology is infused into them. They form the essence of what an event actually is!

The 5 Things Event Technology Will Never Be Able To Change

1. The Importance of Face-to-Face

Webinars and e-meetings are taking over, and are great for exchange raw information. However, people tend to be easily distracted, since they are sitting at a computer with other things taking up their time. Sitting in front of a monitor listening to different droning voices can only be expected to be endured for around 30 minutes. However, the stimulating one-on-one environment of actually meeting people and actually shaking hands with them will help you dip into your cognitive side and actually focus on what’s going on.

2. Body Language As An Important Marketing Vehicle

At tradeshows and exhibitions, the competition is fierce, and the best salesmen get to shine. Many businesses rely on people to deliver the product, and actually meeting them provides a way to gather information in a condensed and time-efficient manner, since it can be customized to the needs of the person present. That way, you don’t have to listen to many silly and obvious questions people ask the webinar speaker before it’s your turn, and just get to the point of what you want to know.

3. Travelling Is Always An Incentive

As was to be expected, the actual need to go somewhere for a meeting or conference is stimulating and enriching to the lucky person who has to do so. Getting away from the day-today business gives our buzzing brains a rest and opens up new horizons while exploring new cultures. You might find yourself bowing to your CEO after a conference in Japan, and missing the tatami when you land on your rigid office chair.

4. Humans Are Social Creatures

Some more than others, but most people like to interact physically. Event technology is fine for a while, and will surprise us to no end, but it’s in our genes to crowd together and discuss things at events. Well, not literally, but point made.

5. Social Connectivity

Before Twitter and Facebook were around, meetings, exhibitions and conferences were our social platforms! Nowadays, there are many surprising ways to use social media as a promotion booster for your event. Mouth-to-mouth marketing works just as well, when people connect to others with similar interest, which is what it’s all about in the end.

Are there any other things you would say event technology could never change? Do you agree or disagree with the above?




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