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When I get asked what I do, it’s with a sense of pride that I say ‘I founded and started Eventstagram‘. The obvious reason is that I am proud to be running a successful startup that generates revenue and provides me with an income, but there’s more to it. 

I truly believe that although creating live social media feeds at events may not instantly save the world, creating and running any startup is a huge source of ‘good’. 

1. Jobs, People, Jobs 


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Great startups grow fast. We, at Eventstagram, hired 13 people in less than 12 months. Many arguments against the economic benefit of tech startups focus on the fact that the hiring is erratic and often unsustainable within each company. I don’t disagree with that notion, I’ve seen lots of startups hire fast and fail. But I’m convinced that the net benefit is positive.
The first benefit is economical: we’re hiring staff, we’re decreasing unemployment and increasing spending. The second is educational. Investment in education is important, but as any entrepreneur or even successful corporate businessman knows: you can’t teach business in a classroom. Running a business is situational and employees in startups like Eventstagram are learning about decision-making, prioritisation, fighting for a sale, hacking marketing growth and evolving products. Regardless of whether they are able to stay for months or years, whether the startup fails or floats for millions, they’ll leave with an understanding of how to help grow another business.
At Eventstagram I know that every person who is or has been employed with us has left more capable than when they started, they’ve been paid for that education and we’ve boosted net employment.

2. Money, Attitude, Money


Being a startup (rather than a small business) means revolutionising something. It could be changing an industry to make a product or service more accessible, creating a new market for a current service or just creating a product or demand that wasn’t there before.

I believe that’s what we have done with Eventstagram. When we approach customers, the reaction is nearly always ‘You can do that? You can put live social media on a screen that easily?’ In most cases the product doesn’t have a budget, so instead of replacing expenditure, we are actually encouraging events from all over the build to increase it.

I feel proud that in our own little way we are increasing consumption, and changing spending attitudes.


3. Innovation, Positivity, Innovation 


And my final thought. As a startup, we are always innovating. Sometimes we are expanding on client ideas, other times we are creating our own features. But we have a team of builders who are constantly looking to improve processes and outputs.

At the moment displaying live social media content on screens may not be saving lives, but it does make brand marketers and event organisers lives easier.It makes attendees at events happy and it always makes us proud.

Dan Strang, CEO of Eventstagram
akron marathon

The last month of summer is over and it’s been a busy September here at Eventstagram, filled with plenty of really interesting events that chose to expand their social engagement while providing their attendees with some fun entertainment.

September’s Event of the Month has one very special winner: the Akron Marathon!

This was their 12th marathon, and they get bigger and bigger every year! It took place in Ohio, on the 27th of September, with over 15,000 runners. Andrew Antonucci, the event organizer, saw the great potential for an Eventstagram social media slideshow immediately, and we came up with something great for the Marathon! The hashtag? #RunAkron.

The Akron Marathon figures are amazing! 410 people shared 752 photos and videos, and this translated into a whopping 3,407,18 people actually seeing an image of the event on their social media feeds!


akron marathon

Interview With Andrew Antonucci, The Akron Marathon Organizer

We had a nice chat with Andrew about the Akron Marathon event, and how our social media feed maximized the social engagement at their truly inspiring event.

Tell us about the Akron Marathon. What’s its story?

Andrew: In 1999, the making of a world-class running marathon in Akron had begun, but the idea for the event was seeded in 1985 when Akron businessman and community leader Steve Marks ran his first marathon in Columbus.  That experience gave him a first-hand view of the potential for a sporting event to boost community pride, involvement and unity, while also contributing to the health, quality of life and economic vitality of a community.  With the help of his wife Jeannine and the support of many others, Steve began his journey to establish the Akron Marathon.  In 2002, the Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation was established and a year later, the Akron Marathon made its debut.  Today – 12 marathons later, the Akron Marathon has earned the respect that Steve Marks sought for the race.  It has experienced tremendous growth and is recognized to be among the top road races in the United States.

How are you involved in the event?

Andrew: I began my career with the Akron Marathon as an intern and was eventually hired on to serve as the Marketing and Communications Manager for the organization.  My position manages all aspects of traditional marketing activities, social media engagement, website development, and event promotion.

How many people attended?

Andrew: This year, more than 15,500 people participated in our race, which is the record participation.  Local media has also estimated that more than 120,000 spectators join us during the race to cheer on runners throughout the beautiful city of Akron.

akron marathon

What was the biggest challenge in organizing this event?

Andrew: The biggest challenge in organizing the Akron Marathon is ensuring that every runner has a world-class experience when joining us on race weekend.  Our runners are extremely important to us – they are our family, our friends, friends of friends, and visitors to the city of Akron.  Therefore, we put out all the stops to make sure they have the best experience possible.  It takes careful planning, precise execution, and a positive attitude to create the magic that our runners experience from the Start Line to the Finish Line.

What Eventstagram package did you use, and what specifics did you ask the team for?

Andrew: We used the Gold Package which allowed us to use Eventstagram’s slideshow through the duration of both the Health and Fitness Expo as well as on race day up on the scoreboard at the Finish Line.  Working with Jacqueline was an absolute pleasure.  She helped me understand the finer points of utilizing the system and also allowed us to post the text associated with the different photos during the race weekend.

How did having a slideshow benefit the event?

Andrew: Over the past year, we have become more engaged with our social networks and Eventstagram provided a unique way to reach out to our social community.  Our main goal for utilizing the slideshow was to provide our runners with a deeper sense of ownership of our event.  They were able to capture the event from their point of view and personally share what the Akron Marathon means to them.  In today’s social world, an honest personal experience is priceless to a brand’s equity and influence.

What was your overall experience with Eventstagram?

Andrew: Eventstagram proved to be quite easy to use and provided us with a truly unique way to engage our participants.  We are always looking for new ways to reach out to our runners in a fresh way and Eventstagram proved to be the proper vehicle to do that this past year.  I believe we will be working with this product again and allow our runners to personally curate their experience with the Akron Marathon.

Want to know how you can engage your crowd like Andrew? Check out how Eventstagram’s social media feeds can help you out!

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