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We’ve just put our Halloween costumes away and it’s already time to think about Christmas parties. Whether you love them or not, there is no escaping the glitter and mistletoe at this time of year. Be it at home, with friends or family, or with your highly inebriated boss, you will most probably make it to at least one. So, we’ve put together a quick list of things that’ll ensure your guests leave your Christmas with a smile on their faces, feeling festive and looking forward to the next one…

4 Basic Elements of A Great Christmas Party

1. The Theme

Yes, of course it’s going to be Christmas-themed. But a few sprigs of mistletoe, eggnog and glitter on the table is not going to quite cut it. Want to make it stand out from all the other Christmas events? How about a Hawaiian Christmas party? 80s? Aliens? Zombies? Whatever rocks your boat. Make sure your entertainment ties in with the theme, and enhances it! Have some themed props for those guests who forget/choose to forget that it´s a themed party, and that then want to join in the picture fun!

2. The Food

Everyone has been waiting for this moment since last December. It’s time to have fun, not worry about diets and restrictions, and let loose. That being said, one must know their guests’ preferences. If there are vegetarians, it might not be a great idea to just serve meat dishes. Everyone should have a great dinner, so be prepared to build your menu to cater to vegans, coeliacs, lactose-intolerants so nobody goes hungry. Make a point of asking your guests about any of these specifications beforehand, so you can both just sit down and have fun, without someone having to rush out to the nearest take-away to feed a complaining guest.

3. The Venue

This can be a bit of a rat race if you leave it all ’till the last moment. A party needs plenty of room to be a success, but not enough for it to seem half empty. The ideal venue would be reserved just for your own party, although this is sometimes out of budget bounds. Just make sure you are aware of how many people would fit in that space comfortably, and that your guests won’t have to sit hunched over the tables, and have to queue up for the bathroom.  It should also be easily accessible my public transport, or have a cab or bus service, so guests can have fun and enjoy themselves without having to worry about the drive home.

4. The Entertainment

This can make or break a party and we understand it can be difficult to find something unique year on year. So here are some of our suggestions to help you give your event that “wow” factor!

  1. Eventstagram’s social media slideshow, with one of our Christmas themes! All your guests’ pics will appear on a screen in seconds, and they all get collected on our view page.  There is nothing more entertaining than looking back through the pictures!
  2.  Have a photo booth installed where people can easily snap pictures of themselves having fun. This can be linked up with the slideshow, to show everyone’s funny pics on large screens!
  3. Music is a must. Watching your boss dancing in an innovative fashion on the table will be the highlight of the party! There must be a dance area, and a list of funny and well-loved songs, bursting with the promise of ridiculous moves.
  4. A candy bar. There has to be a candy bar…
  5. Bouncy castles, life-size chess or kicker fields, massage and beauty parlors, face-painting, limbo dancing, ice-skating…. Find out what your audience likes and give it to them!

What will you be having at your Christmas Party? We’d love to know!


Event of the month

We are barely out of the Summer months, and already looking towards Christmas! October has been a blur of parties, conferences, tradeshows, weddings, spooky gatherings…But only one lucky event could make it to the top of our podium this month!

It’s a real pleasure to announce October’s Event of The Month: Teens Take the Met! A wonderful cultural initiative focused on teens that took place on the 17th of October at the famous Met Museum in New York. The youngsters had a chance to participate in fun activities and workshops to promote culture and art.

The outcome? 1,500 Instagram pictures were uploaded with the hashtags #MetMuseum and #MetTeens. This resulted in an amazing outreach: 3,454,218 people actually saw pictures of the event. That’s nearly the entire population of Uruguay!


Met museum


Teens at The Met Event Organization

Lucy Redoglia played an important part in managing and organizing the Teens Take the Met event. She is the Met’s lovely Associate Online Community Producer, and volunteered to answer a few questions about how to organize such a massive and important event, and get it to be such a huge success!

Tell us about the Met Museum. What kind of organization is it?
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the world’s largest and finest art museums. Its collections include works of art spanning 5,000 years of world culture, from prehistory to the present and from every part of the globe. Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum is located in New York City’s Central Park along Fifth Avenue (from 80th to 84th streets). Last year it was visited by 6.2 million people—from New York City, the tri-state area, across the United States, and 187 foreign countries.

What was Teens Take the Met event about?
On Friday, October 17, we hosted our very first Museum takeover, Teens Take the Met. The Museum burst at the seams with teens 13+ who were granted free admission and participated in teen-only activities including art making, 3D printing, performances, gallery activities for teens by teens, music, dancing, and more.

Tell us about yourself. How are you involved in the event?
My title is Associate Online Community Producer, so I help with campaigns and content production for the Museum’s social media channels. For Teens Take the Met, my manager Taylor Newby and I were asked to help promote the event in advance on social and also find a solution for displaying user-generated photos live during the event. On the night of the event, I oversaw the live feed, which was projected on the south wall of the Museum’s Great Hall.

How many people attended?

Lucy: More than 2,800 teens from all 5 boroughs!

What was the biggest challenge in organizing this event?

Lucy: The biggest challenge was probably all the moving parts! Spearheaded by the Education department led by Sandra Jackson-Dumont, we worked with over 40 Community Partners, sponsor Bonnie J. Sacerdote, Media Partner WNYC Radio, and mobilized staff from just about every department at the Museum to plan and execute Teens Take the Met.

What Eventstagram package did you use, and what specifics did you ask the team for?

Lucy: We planned to use the Party package, but were upgraded to Professional. We wanted to be sure to capture photos before the event, so that our feed would have content from the start. We also wanted to be able to field Instagrams using the hashtags #metteens and #TeensTaketheMet, as well as photos geotagged at the Museum.

How did having a slideshow benefit the event?

Lucy: The slideshow was a huge success, especially because of our teen audience, who were very active on Instagram. From the balcony where we were running the projector, we could hear groups of teens one floor below squealing with delight when they saw their photos on the wall!

What was your overall experience with Eventstagram? 

Lucy: Excellent! A big shout out to Jacqueline Freedman, who worked with our Education team to set up the account, and then came to the event and monitored the feed for us, making sure everything was being done properly and we were getting the most out of the platform. AJ and Dan also stopped by to check in, so we felt direct customer support throughout the process.

Want to know how you can engage your crowd like Lucy? Check out how Eventstagram’s social media feeds can help you out!

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