A dreary conference room, lack of involvement and unimaginative planning means that business and corporate events can often fall flat, and subsequently be quickly forgotten. After you’ve decided on your target audience and what you want to achieve with your event, turn your focus to adding that special touch to ensure your event is a memorable one.


Choose An Interesting Location

When choosing your venue think about your theme, and the time of year. Could you hold it on a riverboat, in a country house or in an art gallery? If it’s a product launch, find a location that is relevant. Even a bar or restaurant will have a better atmosphere than a conference room. A good location doesn’t need to be expensive either – just the fact that you’ve put a little thought into it can make a big difference.

Involve The Attendees

Sitting and listening to others speak can become tiresome so involve your attendees by creating a hashtag, and explain clearly that people can interact with the event organisers and speakers during the event by using it. Encourage people to tweet about the event using your hashtag. Invite them to ask questions for the speakers via tweet – this is also a way to include those who couldn’t attend the event in person. Eventstagram create beautiful, live social media slideshows that allow will you to capture tweets, photos and videos from your attendees and display them live on a big screen at your event. Once your event is over, we can provide you with a gallery of all the posts, which is perfect as engaging and relevant content for sharing with your guests in a follow up email marketing campaign. Learn more about what we do here

Be Creative

Goody bags are a great way to end an event on a light note, market future events and continue conversation about whoever is hosting the event even after it has finished. An ill-considered bag of leaflets about irrelevant products and companies won’t excite anyone though. The key is to include things that are useful to your target audience as well as relating to your brand and the theme of the event.

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Once a novelty, social media networks are now an important factor in the success of many businesses, and events. A strong online presence can help spread the word about your event, attract attendees, build anticipation, and it allows you to document and share the event as it unfolds. If you want to maximise on the opportunity, there are a few steps you should consider taking to do so:

Prior To The Event

  • Build an online audience that may become event attendees. Use a tool such as SocialBro to identify users who are interested in the event, and monitor people discussing the event or asking you any related questions.
  • Follow all attendees, event partners, sponsors and speakers
  • Establish your event hashtag early! Make it short and easy to remember and check that it isn’t being used elsewhere. There’s no value in a hashtag if no one uses it so spread the word! Promote your hashtag on your event website, on your marketing materials, in your videos, in your press releases, across your social media, etc. Explain clearly that people can interact with the event organisers during the event by using your Twitter handle or with your hashtag


During The Event

  • On-the-day marketing is a key part of event marketing and using social media for this is so valuable because the potential reach is so wide so assign someone to manage your event’s social media on the day. They can share real-time updates using your hashtag, post quotes from the speakers, share photos and more.
  • Encourage people to tweet about the event using your hashtag. Invite them to ask questions for the speakers via tweet – this is also a way to include those who couldn’t attend the event in person.
  • Make it easy for people to know what the hashtag is by ensuring it has a constant and visible presence. You could put it on their invite or have it showing on a screen.

Post Event

  •  The follow-up to any event is very important so get online and make sure no questions are left unanswered, also take the time to reply to any feedback left from attendees.
  • Go the extra mile by writing a blog post that covered all the key areas of the event and share it on social media.
  • Remember to keep your Twitter account active even after the event by curating and creating content to share with your followers. This is important if you plan on having any future events.

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TED (Technology, Education and Design) is a nonprofit organization that gathers innovative thinkers and successful professionals together to share new ideas and present live speeches in conferences around the world, and inevitably leave us in an enlightened state. While the topics of TED range from sciences to world history to the formula of happiness, we have searched and hand-picked three TED talks that we believe will be beneficial and of interest to event planners.


How To Make A Splash In Social Media

Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian, discusses how to create a viral marketing campaign. He uses a fictional story of a humpback whale’s rise to online superstardom to illustrate that brands must be okay with losing control of their messaging in order to generate a viral campaign.


How To Speak So That People Will Listen

Sound Consultant Julian Treasure, presents the “seven deadly sins of speaking” and offers us four keys to help make our speech powerful. Julian also shares some useful vocal exercises to try before your next event!



The Happy Secret To Better Work

Shawn Achor is the CEO of Good Think Inc., a research firm focusing on studying positive outliers with the goal of increasing happiness which directly affects your work life and cognitive ability. In this TED Talk, Shawn humorously discusses the affects of positivity and happiness on people and the resulting change in their work life and personal life. It’s typical for event professionals to work long hours and suffer high stress levels, and Shawn’s ideas can definitely be applied to professionals in the industry.


What do you think about Achor’s thoughts on increasing positivity to increase creativity and efficiency? Do you utilize some of the thoughts that were touched on in any of the talks above? Let us know in the comments below!

Technology has changed the way we socialise, the way we consume and in recent years, it has changed the way we organise and attend major events. With today’s ever-evolving event technology and social media tools that are quite literally available at our fingertips, it has never been easier to promote and share content whilst also enhancing and extending the attendee’s experience. It can be hard to keep up with all the rapid advancements in technology but below we have listed three trends you should keep an eye on over the coming year.


#1: A Rise in Hybrid Events

CWT and AMEX have forecasted that hybrid events, where live and virtual elements are mixed will continue to rise in 2015, with social media increasingly integrated into event strategy. For example, Eventstagram utilizes Instagram and has a number of packages available that allow you to create live slideshows that can be used to enhance a crowd’s experience or to promote a brand.



#2: Big Data Will Become a Key Component

Big data was a hot topic in 2014, and will become a key component in event marketing this year. With so much data at our fingertips, it can be overwhelming but by using technology to take a data-driven approach, marketers will be able to see how exactly users are interacting with their various channels, and will be able to create more engaging content and more efficient marketing plans.


#3: Drones Will Provide A New Perspective

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Nick Woodman, the CEO and founder of GoPro spoke about why he believes drones will become a big part of the entertainment and media future, adding that drones are much safer (and affordable) than a helicopter with a crew and large heavy recording equipment. If regulatory hurdles are passed, aerial videos will provide an entirely new perspective for event photography, and would be an amazing way to showcase the sheer magnitude or the overall awesomeness of any event.


These are just a few of the many changes coming. Do you agree with them? What one trend or challenge are you predicting will impact the events industry this year?

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Email marketing may not be the newest trick in the book, but it’s still a valuable tool in the marketing mix with the power to build brand love and drive sales. To help get the best out of your email campaigns here are three major mistakes most marketers make at least once.


Getting your content mix wrong

Honestly, it’s unlikely you’ll find the perfect formula for your email marketing comms the very first time you send. In fact it takes extensive testing to get the most out of your audience by discovering what they respond to. It’d be a good start to balance pure content with offers-driven messaging though – as the strong sales approach is often a sure way of sending people’s fingers straying towards the dreaded ‘delete’ button.

Email marketing should be as much about delivering value to the consumer as it is about achieving your sales targets. It’s a powerful tool to do both. Some people say you need at least two pieces of valuable content for every offer – we say the more content the better. If you’re struggling to generate content, try using a crowd-sourced social media feed at your next team party or event and let the public create it for you!

Email marketing - Content mix


Using bad leads’ bought for email marketing

Good leads are hard to find, right? And they’re also valuable? So doesn’t it seem strange that companies that claim to have lists with thousands of high quality leads aren’t using them themselves? The truth is most of these databases are riddled with fake accounts, or addresses for people who have little or no interest in, or connection to, your product. It might well be the closest thing to a ‘lead generation’ strategy that you have, but honestly, in 2015 buying databases and spamming a bunch of strangers simply won’t cut it. Build your list organically, through engaging content, and you’ll find the results are so much greater.

Oh, and another thing, if you are gathering contact info organically, make sure you ask permission to send people email. An unwanted, unrequested message is easy fodder for the delete button and will damage your brand’s reputation.


Ignoring your customersfeelings

One of the most vital parts of any customer relationship is a good understanding of what they want and feel. Ask your audience for feedback on your emails. Do they think you send too often, or not enough? What sort of content do they like receiving from you? What is stopping them from becoming a prospect? You can’t expect a high response rate to this kind of survey communication, but any feedback you do get will be like gold dust. A great place to try this out is on your ‘unsubscribe’ page – one simple multiple-choice question can tell you a lot. Are you emailing too often? To the wrong people? Or not about the right topics? This feedback is vital in improving your email marketing performance.

Of course it’s one thing to request feedback, but you still have to act on it. Try telling or showing your audience what you have changed based on their suggestions. It’ll make them feel understood and valued, and boost your brand equity.


Do you have any more tips on email marketing? What do you find trickiest to get right?


What we do:

Eventstagram create beautiful, live social media slideshows that allow you to capture tweets, photos and videos from your audience and display them live at events of any size. Once your event is over, we provide you with a gallery of all the posts, which is perfect as engaging and relevant content for sharing with your guests in a follow up email marketing campaign.

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