Technology has changed the way we socialise, the way we consume and in recent years, it has changed the way we organise and attend major events. With today’s ever-evolving event technology and social media tools that are quite literally available at our fingertips, it has never been easier (or cheaper) to promote an event or share content whilst also enhancing and extending the attendee’s experience. Below we’ve listed some of the most prevalent and positive ways technology can affect an event:

Improve Attendance

Once a novelty, social media networks are now an important factor in the success of many businesses, and events. A strong online presence can help spread the word about your event, attract attendees, build anticipation, and it allows you to document and share the event as it unfolds. If you want to maximise on the opportunity then read our previous post on social media here.

More Engaging

Visual equals engaging in today’s events. So it hardly comes as a surprise to know that videos engage between 400% and 700% more than plain text, according to Flimp. In the same way, emails that contain videos will get between 2 and 3 times more clicks than static emails. And the good news is, watching videos is becoming easier and easier, with new technology allowing us to stream easily from tablets, phones, computers and TVs.

Involve The Attendees

Sitting and listening to others speak can become tiresome so involve your attendees by creating a hashtag, and explain clearly that people can interact with the event organisers and speakers during the event by using it. Encourage people to tweet about the event using your hashtag. Invite them to ask questions for the speakers via tweet – this is also a way to include those who couldn’t attend the event in person. EventsTag create beautiful, live social media slideshows that allow will you to capture tweets, photos and videos from your attendees and display them live on a big screen at your event. Once your event is over, we can provide you with a gallery of all the posts, which is perfect as engaging and relevant content for sharing with your guests in a follow up email marketing campaign. Learn more about what we do here.

Provide A New Perspective

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Nick Woodman, the CEO and founder of GoPro spoke about why he believes drones will become a big part of the entertainment and media future, adding that drones are much safer (and affordable) than a helicopter with a crew and large heavy recording equipment. If regulatory hurdles are passed, aerial videos will provide an entirely new perspective for event photography, and would be an amazing way to showcase the sheer magnitude or the overall awesomeness of any event.

Instant Attendee Feedback and Analytics

Instant attendee feedback is like getting real-time thoughts and opinions from event-goers. Many event professionals have been using Twitter, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, etc. to engage their attendees at events. But it’s becoming increasingly important to collate all that valuable social media content, to be able to measure how this has had a helping hand in the event’s promotion. EventsTag can be very useful with its detailed reporting, and an important difference: your crowd is engaged and entertained by their own content being shown live on a big screen. It’s a win-win situation!





Sara Gilmer

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