It’s safe to say that these days, social media holds a place alongside print and broadcast as an essential marketing channel for businesses and professionals. As such, social media now should be held to the same standard as those channels: your social media ROI needs to contribute to your bottom line. To get on the right track, first we need to understand what you may be doing wrong:

You forgot about pre-event activity

Pre-event activity includes creating an event page (or website); sending an email to your target audience; kickstarting pre-event social activity including choosing a unique hashtag; creating pre-event blog posts; and if possible, using SEO on your event page so that the event catches the attention of everyone. Pre-event activity is very important to get ROI because it enables the target audience to get information about the event. By following these strategies, we can make sure the right people are attending the event

You didn’t connect with sponsors

To ensure significant ROI for events, sponsorships are always helpful. The key to getting sponsors is the perceived value of the event. Sponsors can be in the form of a wi-fi sponsor, charging station sponsor, paid blog sponsor, VIP lounge sponsor, post-conference party sponsor or sponsored tweets. We wrote a previous post on how to connect with sponsors here.

You don’t have a sales funnel

We know we said social media has become an essential marketing tool – but your sales funnel shouldn’t be on social media – it should be on your own website or an other structure you can control completely. It should be capable of capturing qualified leads and turning them into sales. Of course, social media is one way to push new customers towards your sales funnel, but if you try to do a hard sell on social media you will usually just kill the social aspect and lose followers.

You’re doing metrics wrong

Either you don’t track your metrics at all or you track the wrong metrics – At this early stage in social media, the metrics we use are still fairly unreliable. If you have a great sales funnel set up and your product or service is well marketed on social media then you are much better position to track social leads, conversions and sales. However, just like real-life relationships, not everything can be reduced to numbers and for many businesses, social media is about building good will and can still be measured through lifetime customer value, engagement and referral rates.

So, now what? Adjust to improve!

Once you’ve identified what works and what doesn’t work on social media, it’s time to adjust your strategy. The point of tracking your social media ROI isn’t just to prove your social campaigns are valuable, it’s to increase their value over time. Due to the short lifecycle of social media campaigns, a failing campaign should be changed and improved as soon as possible. Remember – social media is never static. To meet your social media ROI goals, you’ll need to take your analytics data into account and constantly update and adapt your strategy to stay ahead. 


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Technology has changed the way we socialise, the way we consume and market, and in recent years, it has changed the way we organise and attend events. With today’s technology and social media tools constantly evolving for our convenience – it has never been easier to promote and share content whilst also enhancing and extending your guest’s experience. It can be hard to keep up with all the rapid advancements but below we have listed the two major emerging trends:

On one hand, technology will continue to evolve with an increase in the use of oculus rifts, holograms and drones. We’ve written about holograms and drones here, but the use of an oculus rift could be revolutionary in terms of opening up a new potential market for you. It will mean you can involve attendees who couldn’t be at your event in person. They’ll be able to experience the event as if they were, but without the annoying costs of travel and accommodation.

On the other hand, there will be in an increase in smaller, more personalised events. In today’s world, it is all about a company’s relationship with you. Event audiences now have higher expectations than ever before, looking to be engaged, entertained, and gain personal value from their attendance to your event. Social media tools such as Twitter and Instagram will remain at the forefront of creating these important connections with consumers and guests.

slack_for_ios_upload (1)

EventsTag’s screen at the O2.

One way to take advantage of social media is to use EventsTag. During your event, we create live social media slideshows that allow you to capture the crowd-generated content including tweets, photos and videos and display them live on a big screen at your event. This acts as excellent on-the-day entertainment and greatly increases your social media presence so overall, a great way to increase your event marketing efforts. A social screen also encourages guests to post and share on social networks using your event’s hashtag, and in turn this will maximize the volume and reach of your traffic and the impact of your event.

Following your event, we provide you with a gallery of all the posts, which is perfect as engaging and relevant content for sharing with your guests in a follow up email marketing campaign. If you then want to authenticate the success of your event, EventsTag offer an optional analytics package which gives you all the details of social activity related to your event, including total reach, top influencers and the performance of each social network which may also be of interest to your sponsors and speakers who will no doubt want hard data to evaluate the success and ROI of their participation in your event.

As more and more event professionals begin using Twitter, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, etc. to engage their attendees at events, it will become increasingly important to collate all that valuable social media content, to be able to measure how this has had a helping hand in the event’s promotion. EventsTag can be very useful with its detailed reporting, and an important difference: your crowd is engaged and entertained by their own content being shown live on a big screen. It’s a win-win situation!


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