In today’s world, technology is at the forefront of and social media has become one of the primary ways that people connect with each other. So, with this in mind, in order to have a successful event marketing campaign, you must embrace social media and strategically implement it to, firstly, create and drive excitement about your event which will lead to ticket sales, then connect with top-notch speakers, and finally – host a great event. Follow the steps below to involve, engage and entertain your guests using technology:

Before Your Event…
Create a hashtag for your event and share it with your guests, speakers, and sponsors beforehand. Make it short and easy to remember and check that it isn’t being used elsewhere. There’s no value in a hashtag if no one uses it so spread the word! Promote your hashtag on your event website, on your marketing materials, in your videos, in your press releases, across your social media channels, etc.

During Your Event…
Encourage people to tweet about the event using the hashtag. Invite them to ask questions for the speakers via tweet – this is also a way to include those who couldn’t attend the event in person. Again, make sure it’s easy for people to know what the hashtag is by ensuring it has a constant and visible presence. You could put it on guest invites or have it showing on a screen.

Go The Extra Mile…
Use EventsTag and install one of our live postcard printing stations at your event. You can brand the postcards with your logo, sponsor’s logo or your hashtag and then print your guest’s photos right there and then!  We also create seamless, live social media slideshows that allow you to capture tweets, photos and videos from your guests and display them live on a screen at your event.

After Your Event…
Once your event is over, EventsTag can provide you with a gallery of all the social posts from your event, which is perfect as engaging and relevant content for sharing with your guests in a follow up email marketing campaign.


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You want your event to be a complete success. Something that won’t be forgotten any time soon. We’ve blogged about  quick ways to  improve your event, how best to engage guests and how to connect with sponsors. Now, we have three ways to maintain strong engagement that outlasts your event.

1) Don’t stop tweeting

Get online and make sure no questions are left unanswered. Twitter is for conversation, so make sure it isn’t a one-way street. Take the time to reply to any questions or feedback from attendees prior to, during and after your event.

Send thank you tweets to your speakers, attendees and sponsors. It’s a great way to boost visibility of your own brand while having genuine exchanges.

Remember to keep your Twitter account active even after the event by curating and creating content to share with your followers. This is particularly important if you plan on having any future events.

2) Write a blog post

If there’s no blog post, did it even happen?

Make sure your write up an engaging, visually-inspired post covering off all the key takeaways that your guests enjoyed. It’s great content to help with number 1 in this list, and it’s evergreen (if you spend a bit of time making it really great). Be sure to include video where possible to really immerse your reader in the vibe of your event.

A good blog post will continue drive traffic to your event site and will be helpful when you come to putting on similar events.

If you’ve worked with us, we can provide lots of tasty data after your event – like who your most influential followers were – which will be interesting blog material, particularly for your sponsors and speakers.

Top tip: create the skeleton of your post before the event happens. You know what’s planned so it should be straightforward enough. Then you can slot in photos and some on-the-night info and get it published super quickly.

Another top tip: search your event hashtag and pull the top tweets from your event – include these in your blog post so those that didn’t attend know what they missed out on! We can create a widget pulling in hashtagged tweets for your site.

3) Say thank you

A follow-up email is a quick, easy way to say thank you to your speakers and sponsors, share links to your social channels and link to your blog. And don’t forget to include an invitation to register for your next event.

We can give you a shareable gallery of event photos, including all hashtagged photos, to drop into follow-up emails.


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When it comes to using social media to promote events, visuals are key for success. And the number one platform for social media and visuals? Instagram. It has become an increasingly popular way for users to share experiences, and marketers are realizing the power of harnessing the social network to help propel their own marketing efforts, build brands, promote events and drive awareness. We’ve listed five tips below which will help kickstart your marketing efforts on Instagram:

Get Posting

Just like other social media platforms, the key to being successful on Instagram is being active. This means taking lots of pictures or videos and posting them for your followers to see. Decide on a posting schedule and stay inline with your brand or event’s voice – don’t start posting frog memes if your event is a conference for financial investors!

Create A HashTag

The most important element of a successful Instagram marketing campaign for your event is your hashtag. The hashtag you choose will help people discover your event and create awareness. It will also encourage people to upload their own photos to Instagram with your hashtag.

Share Photos

A great way to spark interest on Instagram is to share photos that get people excited about your event. Create a branded Instagram campaign for your event that will outline the types of photos you’ll share. For example, begin sharing photos of the speakers attending your event and sneak previews of the venue. Don’t forget to include the event’s hashtag with every photo!

Host A Contest

If you really want to get people talking about your event online, host an Instagram contest. This will help build more awareness of your event and encourage people to spread the word about your contest (and your hashtag!).  For example, you could ask your followers to share a photo of tickets to your event and include your event’s hashtag. At the end of the contest, choose a winner at random and award them with an extra pass to your event or a free ticket to your networking night. This is a fun way to get people involved with your event, increase engagement and interest.

Take The Next Step

Events are about learning and meeting new people, but more than anything else, they are about experiences that trigger action. Whether it’s an amazing keynote speaker, new friend, or a great meal, a shared experience can go a long way to sparking action at your event (like snapping a photo and uploading it to Instagram). By collecting and displaying these photos at your event, you can immediately increase engagement and encourage participation, expanding the reach of your promoted hashtag and upping the chances that more people in more social networks will see the content from your event. EventsTag allow you to do just that – we create live social media screens that allow you to display all the hashtagged photos and tweets during your event. This is another great way to increase engagement, and it’s entertaining!


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