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It’s important to always look for ways to improve your next event, from the latest technology to thinking outside the box when it comes to location – read on to learn 3 of the easiest ways you can make your next event a smashing success!

Choose A Creative Location

When choosing your event location, you need think about your theme, and the time of year. Could you hold it on a riverboat, in a country house or in an art gallery? If it’s a product launch, find a location that is relevant. Even a bar or restaurant will have a better atmosphere than a conference room. A good location doesn’t need to be expensive either – just the fact that you’ve put a little thought into it can make a big difference.

When it comes to actually finding the perfect location for your event, Airbnb offers some of the most unique conference rooms around the world.

Involve Your Guests

Sitting and listening to others speak can be tiring so get social (we’re talking Twitter!) and involve your guests by creating a hashtag for your event. Share this hashtag with your guests, speakers, and sponsors beforehand, and then encourage everyone to tweet about the event using the hashtag. Invite them to ask questions for the speakers via tweet – this is also a way to include those who couldn’t attend the event in person.

And Then… Use EventsTag

We create seamless, live social media slideshows that allow you to capture tweets, photos and videos from your guests and display them live on a screen at your event. Once your event is over, we can provide you with a gallery of all the posts, which is perfect as engaging and relevant content for sharing with your guests in a follow up email marketing campaign.

Go the extra mile, and also use install one of our live postcard printing stations at your event. You can brand the postcards with your logo, sponsor’s logo or your hashtag and then print your guest’s photos right there and then!

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It is all about interaction. Whether you are organising a conference or a festival, it’s important to foster a connection between your sponsors and attendees. Your sponsors are not only a source of income for the event, but a valuable marketing resource. Below, you’ll find our top 5 tips:

  • From brand exposure to ROI. Clarify the value that you offer any potential sponsor. Make sure that you have taken stock of the opportunities for sponsors to meaningfully engage with your audience and that you can prove the ROI for them.

  • Focus on the right persona. Spend time getting to know your audience and tracking their demographics, make note of the differentiators between you and similar events, and approach sponsors only when you have this information together.

  • Win-win situation. Remember, it’s essential to first establish a mutual beneficial relationship – you can do this by asking your would-be sponsor what they are hoping to get out of the event and who their audience is. It’s likely that they want to make sure they have a good ROI in terms of visibility, leads, traffic to their booth, etc. Offer them the chance to sponsor a designated area with their logo, or have their logo as a backdrop, or on the opening slide for presentations.

  • Use tech to entertain and promote. EventsTag offer live postcard printing stations that enable you to place yours and your sponsor’s logo on customisable postcards for your guests to take home or send anywhere in the world. This is a great incentive for sponsors to get involved as postcard printing, alongside a social media slideshow, will increase your event’s and your sponsor’s online exposure as your guests will be posting and sharing hashtagged photos before and throughout the event.

  • Broaden the possibilities. You should also consider reaching out to potential photo and video partners – agree to promote their services at your event if you aren’t paying for them. If you aren’t on the verge of exhaustion at this point then it’s also a good idea to organise a pre-event dinner and drinks (invite sponsors, speakers and guests) the night before to form important connections between everyone involved in your event and ensure that they will work with you again.


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