Technology at events


Business events are one of the industry’s most profitable platforms when it comes to building your brand. Allowing you to break down the brand-consumer divide and harness the power of face-to-face engagement, events provide the perfect opportunity to create a visual impact and leave the expo or pop-up event with an armful of leads.

So how should you approach an event in order to maximise your chances for brand engagement?


Dynamic displays

A visually impactful pop-up stand or aesthetically appealing exhibition trailer will command the attention of your audience and draw them towards your brand. Whether it’s a product launch or a networking event, your display is the first thing potential consumers will see, so don’t be afraid to be bold with branding.

If you’re looking for ways to make an impact, digital signage is also an option. Providing a more high-tech version of a display stand, digital signs offer an interactive way of informing your target demographic about your brand and what you can offer.


Event tech

Event technology has revolutionised the way brands can engage attendees. From projection mapping and virtual reality displays to customisable slideshows, there are a variety of ways that you can bring your brand to life in front of your audience’s eyes.

Another popular form of event tech that’s taking the business world by storm is the use of drones. With the ability to command an audience’s attention from the other side of the room or street, drones are a guaranteed way to increase traffic to your display stand or exhibition unit.


Social media

Social media channels are invaluable when it comes to the promotion of your brand and upcoming events. Before the event, you can drum up interest and reach out to a wide range of consumers, eventually honing in on a target audience. This allows you to establish essential relationships before the event begins and increases the chances of your brand being recognised.

Social media is crucial in event planning

During the event, regularly checking your social media accounts will ensure you don’t miss any timely queries – and you can jump on industry or event-relevant hashtags to engage with other exhibitors and attendees. If you anticipate being too busy to check your social media channels during an event, it’s worth thinking about scheduling posts which will go live while you’re busy with face-to-face engagement.


Following up

Ensuring that your brand makes a splash at your pop-up or business event will make chasing your leads that much easier when it comes to the crucial follow up. While traditional phone calls and emails can be effective ways to follow up, try mixing up your post-event tactics and outreaching through social media. Whether it’s a timely tweet or a friendly Facebook post, be sure to nurture the brand-consumer relationship you worked so hard to establish before and during the event.


With these tips for dynamic event design, you can ensure you get the most out of your next business event and can watch as the leads come rolling in.

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