Social media walls are fast becoming imperative for event organizers. It’s no longer a question of why, but who.

Who should you work with to ensure a smooth, successful activation?

Well, us. And here’s why:

1. Your wall will be tailor-made

Our team of designers is spread across three different timezones. You’ll snatch up one of them and have a fully-customized social media wall in a matter of hours. Your logo, your colors, your fonts. So it’ll slip seamlessly into the your event.


2. You’ll be in complete control of moderation

Our smart moderation tool means absolutely no spam. You can set up automated filtering or use our Tinder-style mobile site to approve (or not) each post.

3. We use Eye-fi technology

You’ll probably have an event photographer and it makes sense for their photos to mingle on the big screen with guest shots. A simple memory card switch, and it’s done.

4. We’ll be on hand at every stage

We care about your event. We want to make sure it’s a success, so we’ll always be available – in the lead up, during and after. Questions? Just pick up the phone. Last-minute changes? It’s the events industry. We get it. So we’ll bend over backwards to get things right.

Polaroids_Gov Ball

5. You’ll get a granular report

Whether you’re an agency or a brand, you’ll want to know how each element of your event performed. Our detailed reporting drills down into engagement rates, which platforms were most active and who your most influential guests were.

We love what we do, and you’ll hear that as soon as you speak to us. So what are you waiting for?
Social media marketing has evolved rapidly since we came along in 2012.
As Eventstagram, we wowed guests with social walls at thousands of events – audience participation for the 21st century. Nowadays, most guests expect to see a social wall whether they’re on a night out or at a conference. It’s a given.
We continue to innovate, creating new ways of bringing social media magic to events.

1. Create a hashtag. Then make sure it gets used

Hashtags neatly collect up everything people are saying about your event. If someone spots a great photo on Instagram, they can tap the hashtag and see 100 other related photos. If it’s an event hashtag, that’ll mean a 360 view of what’s happening, in real time.
In short, they’re vital.
But their potential is often left untapped. Hashtags are splashed on posters and flyers but no real reason is given to use them. You’re asking your guests to market your event, for nothing. Why should they?
Our Experiences give them a reason. With a Hashtag Mailbox, guests can send a real-life postcard to anywhere in the world, with their face on the front. They use the event hashtag, their photos appear on the touchscreen and they can address it to anyone they like.
Slack for iOS Upload (4)
Our Polaroid Station gives guests printouts of their hashtagged snaps in seconds and our Social Slots gamify engagement. You need to think outside the box to really capitalise on hashtag culture. Fun incentives can mean big rewards.

2. Invite guests to become part of the story

With a social wall as a centrepiece at your event, you’re openly asking guests to shape proceedings. A big display of tweets and Instagram posts is often expected, now, as an element of any social media marketing campaign. Without a social wall, your event is missing a vibrant and interactive element. (We would say that…)
A social wall brings people and ideas together. It builds a community and encourages sharing and collaboration – it makes everyone want to get involved.

3. Form long-term relationships

Social media marketing is a two-way street. It’s a conversation that should span the before, during and after of any event. Make sure that you’re thanking everybody kind enough to share your brand with their followers. Make sure you’re answering every question (remember – it’s not just the person asking that’s waiting for you to respond. Their followers, too, might be watching.)
Every member of your crowd is at the centre of a rich social network. Tap into it, and you’re in a social media marketing goldmine.
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