We were lucky enough to attend Event 360 this week, a huge summit hosted by Event Magazine and C&IT. Trend-setters and influencers in the event industry come together to mingle. And mingle we did.

We met brand experts, PR gurus and some of the most talented real-time graphic designers we’ve ever come across.

“Forecasting the future of brand experiences” was the theme of the day. Here are the main things we took away from it, to ponder.

If you’re wanting to talk to millennials, you need to make them feel special.

Vodafone told us this. Their very cool  Future Breakers campaign (that isn’t a campaign at all, but a three-year investment in finding and nurturing new music talent) needed an experiential element. Enter, #FutureBreakersLive. Bringing the talent within touching distance of festival goers, making them part of the story.

“Everything needs to be photogenic. Vodafone-generated content (or VGC) needs to slip seamlessly into user-generated content (UGC)”


It’s hard to prove ROI on consumer-based events. 

Fentimans (“Botanically brewed drinks”) spoke to us about the difficulties they faced convincing everyone in the office than non-trade show events are a good idea. How do you prove they’ve made an impact? Their answer was simple, for them: look to social media. Look at how many people had your brand dropped in front of them, clickable and deliciously shareable. Fentimans take care to ensure that their pop up events (next up, a Magical Mixology Workshop) are distinctly Instagrammable.

“Two words: edible glitter. Does it get any more shareable than that?”



Sometimes, your target audience is people that don’t know you exist

NFL talked about their struggles making an impact in the UK. Their marketing in the states is a completely different ball game. They know their fans there. Here, they don’t have that many. And they want more. So they went big – taking over Regent’s Street with marching bands, cheerleaders and NFL players. They were marketing to people that didn’t plan on being marketed to that day. It’s a different breed of event but an effective one, undeniably. It’s the element of total surprise that, done well, can make a lasting impression. Whether its a passer-by spotting an NFL flag flying above their head or a tweeter spotting a trending hashtag, your audience might sometimes simply be fresh meat.


Did you attend Event 360? What were your key learnings? 

We’re committed to making sure every person with a tongue gets ice cold refreshment like a blast of cold mountain air, with every single bottle, can or pint of Coors Light they put in their hand.

– Coors Light

Coors Light cares about cold. To enjoy the World’s Most Refreshing Beer™ from the Rockies, you need optimum conditions.

Enter, Ice Cave – the latest experiential marketing campaign by the brand, inviting ravers to enjoy a cool night out (-5°C, to be precise).

And our social media experiences are adding a whole extra dimension for the duration. We’ve got a Polaroid Station rigged up at the mouth of the cave, and a GIF Booth just inside, to capture the shivvering ravers in all their glory.


Birmingham Mail


Centenary Square in Birmingham will play host to the Cave until Sunday. Entry’s free but book ahead to avoid disappointment (and a night spent at boring room temperature).



So, what are you waiting for? Wrap up in a thermal cape and enjoy a crisp Coors Light, in a fridge. Upcoming (and yes, cool) new DJs like Ronnie Loko and Soph Robbo are bringing the tunes, and we have the social media magic covered.

It’s day three, and Charles is already a hardened Ice Cave Raver:

This is a great example of perfect, on-brand experiential marketing. It makes complete sense for Coors, aligning seamlessly with their mission statement and brand identity. It’s brilliant to be able to add a social element to the activation. Everyone’s loving it.

– Charles, EventsTag man on the ground

What’s the best bit of experiential marketing you’ve seen recently?

Roo Machine

We’re never far away from brilliant experiential marketing here at EventsTag. Whether we’re making it happen for a client or admiring cool things other people are doing, exciting immersive experiences are what we love most.

This week, Deliveroo landed a 2 meter-high delivery bag across the road from our London Waterloo HQ. So we hopped over for a closer look.


giphy (1)


It isn’t just the free food that had people queuing across the station. #RooMachine had the rush of chance, the slightly mind boggling idea that there are hundreds of cupcakes and trays of sushi inside this giant takeaway bag and getting to pull that big old lever. You know you’re jealous of the lady in the GIF. We all want to pull it.


Deliveroo is appealing the child in everyone with bright, colourful and noisy marketing. With sweets inside it.

If you can get time-poor commuters to stand in a long queue, you can do anything – nice work, Deliveroo!

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Have you seen any cool experiential marketing recently? Let us know!

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