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Fusing digital and physical football through a number of exclusive Nike experiences, the space is designed to celebrate the philosophy of fast, brilliant football.”

In the build-up to the Euros, Nike took over Palais de Tokyo, the largest contemporary art museum in France.

Reimagined as the #PalaisofSpeed, the museum became host to an array of stunning immersive experiences. As we mourn over crushed Euro dreams, we’re looking back at our trip to Paris.

Faster Than


Our CEO is officially 5.18 km/h slower than Ronaldo.

 This amazing interactive experience pits you against a player of your choice, a race car or – if you’re feeling a bit sluggish – the quickest mere mortal at the Palais of Speed.

You get 5 minutes to catch your breath before your video arrives in your inbox. Pretty cool!

Jersey Culture


We made this one (not biased at all).

Guests stand at the green screen, choose their background and get shot as a football sticker-style GIF. It’s pinged to their phone immediately, ready to share.


Mercurial Photo Booth


Ronaldo’s ad for the new Mercurial Superfly boot, recreated. As you! Enter the booth and you’re snapped (photo one). The lights go down, the lines appear on the projector and you’re snapped again.

The two are spliced together and, even if you can’t run like him, at least you can now look just like Ronaldo…

What’s the best bit of experiential marketing you’ve seen recently?


Kiera Sweeney

Copywriter and novice hiker.

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