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This week we’re in Manchester for SoccerEx, an exciting 3 day insight into the World of Football. The perfect moment for us to introduce visitors to some of our most exciting social media experiences – but also to indulge in our love for THE sport. And because Football has been flowing in our veins for so long, why not to take people back to an iconic year for football?

That’s why we’ve themed our stand around #Eventstag90 in memory of the great Italia 1990 World Cup. We remember this World Cup as a year that made our football hearts beat for the first time – and we have created what we believe will be some of the most fun, loveable and shareable moments to be had at the exhibition!

Want to be one of the legendary players of the era, impersonating the biggest names of a 1990s Football Sticker Book? Or become the star in our stand’s wall of fame? Jump in front of our Social Halo with an era-correct wig and mo, and print your very own football sticker with our Polaroid Printer.
Ever wondered what being a Subbuteo player felt like? Find out with our Green Screen, that will turn you into a life size Subbuteo in the middle of a game.
Just pop over to stand 256 to check it all out and find yourself transported back to the naughty 90’s.

Had the chance to visit our stand and have some great fun? Think this might just be the perfect experience for your event? Contact us now and we’ll offer you a solution that’s tailored to your needs.


Dan Strang

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