EventsTag at SoccerEx 2016

This week we’re in Manchester for SoccerEx, an exciting 3 day insight into the World of Football. The perfect moment for us to introduce visitors to some of our most exciting social media experiences – but also to indulge in our love for THE sport. And because Football has been flowing in our veins for so long, why not to take people back to an iconic year for football?


Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the story of the incredible and unexpected commercial success of Pokémon GO, as I’m sure you’ve already heard it a million times. But there’s something we at EventsTag were convinced of, and that Pokémon GO has now proven:

We’ve entered the age of Augmented Reality.

While we’ve seen some attempts in the past few years, there’s a good reason why it’s only kicked off recently. Just look at your phone — today’s level of technology means anyone with a decent smartphone has access to a whole lot of cool things. And what do we want? Coolness, excitement, to be transported to another world… In one word, we want experiences!

VR and AR are probably the coolest things tech companies have brought us these days in terms of experiences. Boundaries have been pushed further than ever before and you can now give your ideas a whole lot more depth than you used to. Lots of companies are jumping in and coming up with their own version of the “Cool Tool”.

But it’s not all having the technology at your disposal, having good ideas to actually make the experience great is where you have to start from. And when the concept behind your campaign is a bit weak, it means more disappointment than excitement, as we’ve experienced a couple of months ago.

Technology VS ideas

the Jaguar Feel Wimbledon activation standWith our HQ just a stone’s throw from London Waterloo Station, we get to see some VERY cool experiential marketing every single day. There’s always something a bit mad going on, and in mid July, it was Jaguar’s shot at it. We, along with hundreds of commuters, were invited to #FeelWimbledon with virtual reality and a bit of imagination. Or rather a lot actually…

AR goggles for Jaguar

Does this guy look impressed? No, he doesn’t.

Staff were super friendly and the futuristic little pod took eight people at once, so we didn’t have to wait long before being ushered in. Some of the team were disappointed to discover that it wasn’t actual Wimbledon that we got to feel, but an animated version of it.

We were kind of expecting virtual REALITY, not er… virtual virtual. We flew through the air with the pretend birds and were dropped from a great height (argh!) into Centre Court. Then into Andy Murray’s pixelated body (arrrgh)!

There was probably a nice idea from Jaguar behind this concept, but we weren’t convinced that the end result really matched up to expectations. Luckily, it didn’t affect Andy’s performance in the final 🙂

Have you crossed paths with a super cool (or a super-missed) VR/AR campaign? What did you think of it? Do you, like me, think they’re a real game-changer in our industry?


Do you remember that day you updated your smartphone’s Facebook app and discovered that they’d finally integrated GIFs? It wasn’t long ago, although GIFs have been around for ages. That’s because it took a long time for Facebook to jump into the GIF bandwagon. Even Mark Zuckerberg himself was reluctant to GIF. But he made up his mind, and we should all get a lesson from it.

dan strang

When I get asked what I do, it’s with a sense of pride that I say ‘I founded and started Eventstagram‘. The obvious reason is that I am proud to be running a successful startup that generates revenue and provides me with an income, but there’s more to it. 

I truly believe that although creating live social media feeds at events may not instantly save the world, creating and running any startup is a huge source of ‘good’. 

1. Jobs, People, Jobs 


Photo credit:


Great startups grow fast. We, at Eventstagram, hired 13 people in less than 12 months. Many arguments against the economic benefit of tech startups focus on the fact that the hiring is erratic and often unsustainable within each company. I don’t disagree with that notion, I’ve seen lots of startups hire fast and fail. But I’m convinced that the net benefit is positive.
The first benefit is economical: we’re hiring staff, we’re decreasing unemployment and increasing spending. The second is educational. Investment in education is important, but as any entrepreneur or even successful corporate businessman knows: you can’t teach business in a classroom. Running a business is situational and employees in startups like Eventstagram are learning about decision-making, prioritisation, fighting for a sale, hacking marketing growth and evolving products. Regardless of whether they are able to stay for months or years, whether the startup fails or floats for millions, they’ll leave with an understanding of how to help grow another business.
At Eventstagram I know that every person who is or has been employed with us has left more capable than when they started, they’ve been paid for that education and we’ve boosted net employment.

2. Money, Attitude, Money


Being a startup (rather than a small business) means revolutionising something. It could be changing an industry to make a product or service more accessible, creating a new market for a current service or just creating a product or demand that wasn’t there before.

I believe that’s what we have done with Eventstagram. When we approach customers, the reaction is nearly always ‘You can do that? You can put live social media on a screen that easily?’ In most cases the product doesn’t have a budget, so instead of replacing expenditure, we are actually encouraging events from all over the build to increase it.

I feel proud that in our own little way we are increasing consumption, and changing spending attitudes.


3. Innovation, Positivity, Innovation 


And my final thought. As a startup, we are always innovating. Sometimes we are expanding on client ideas, other times we are creating our own features. But we have a team of builders who are constantly looking to improve processes and outputs.

At the moment displaying live social media content on screens may not be saving lives, but it does make brand marketers and event organisers lives easier.It makes attendees at events happy and it always makes us proud.

Dan Strang, CEO of Eventstagram
eventstagram at the color run

On this occasion , Eventstagram was used to maximize the event marketing at the Color Run, also known as the happiest 5k on the planet. it’s a non-timed race in which thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in different colours. Then, at the finish line, the fun continues with a ‘Color Festival’. They used Eventstagram at 3 of their events, at So Cal – Pomona, Lansing and Philadelphia. People had great fun taking pictures of themselves covered in different colors, every time they made it through a new kilometer!

There were a total of 2,081 photos uploaded.This translates into huge marketing event exposure. Each of those thousands of pictures will have been viewed by the author’s friends on Instagram. So next year there will be new additions to the race thanks to the perks that Eventstagram has for event marketing.

Event Marketing Value in Instagram Photos

Here are some of the photos instagrammed across the 3 events!

Eventstagram at the Color Run

Photo by @meg_b33


Eventstagram at the Color Run   

Photo by @_kortneyelizabeth_   


Evenstagram at the Color Run
Photo by @ejohnsonphoto


Overall, Eventstagram was a great success, and the Color Run Event Marketing was hugely increased thanks to their own attendees!

How do you handle your event marketing?

Gloucester Rugby Club is one of the oldest and most successful Rugby Union teams in the United Kingdom. At their stadium, Kingsholm, the average weekly attendance is over 13,500 . They are cemented  in the top division of Rugby in the UK, regularly contesting for the title.

With their social media presence going from strength to strength it came as no surprise to us that they wanted to display their crowds live Instagram photos before, during and after each of their home games.
The objectives for implementing our live Instagram slideshow were to:
1.Create an entertaining and interactive display
2.Further extend the outreach of the #gloucesterrugby hashtag across social media.
After only two home games, Eventstagram has already proved to be an unrivalled tool in the clubs efforts to achieve both these targets, and has received extensive praise from fans and staff alike.

The Gloucester Rugby Slideshow

The live Instagram slideshow, powered by Eventstagram, was our standard Eventstagram template displayed on Gloucester huge screens on either end of the stadium.

The Instagram Photos

Here are some of our favourite Instagram photos taken by the crowd over the past few weeks:
Photo by @loulablue


Photo by @kim_richards_xx

Photo by @sarahsmith95

Photo by @mrmm2k

The Results

Instagram Use at Gloucester Rugby (22nd December and 5th Jan):

•363 Photos Taken
•1,119 Likes & Comments
•41, 691 Potential Impressions


Excited Instagrammers, who were impressed by seeing their Instagram photos appear on the big screen voiced their support on social media for the Gloucester Rugby club:
“Top dogs! #love #gloucesterrugby #boys” @kim_richards_xx
“This is how close I was to the game #insane #gloucesterrugby #earsareringing “ @jwbrookespt
“So this is what ive been up to today! #awesomeday #gloucesterrugby “ @cody771

Twitter (22nd December)

•1,128 Tweets
•314, 131 Total outreach (number of people potentially exposed to the hashtag)
•Biggest Twitter outreach of the whole season when using Eventstagram (22nd Dec and 5th Jan)

Social Media Growth (15th December vs 22nd December)

12 photos tagged under #gloucesterrugby on 15/12 (no Eventstagram feed)
128 photos tagged under #gloucesterrugby on 22/12 (Eventstagram feed)
1066% increase in Instagram photos (53% Attendance Increase)
202 tweets tagged #gloucesterrugby on 15/12 (no Eventstagram feed)
1,123 tweets tagged  #gloucesterrugby on 22/12 (Eventstagram feed)
555% increase in tweets (53% Attendance Increase)

The Testimonials

Eventstagram has been a huge success at Gloucester. The fans have become fascinated with the content on the screen, it’s had a real impact on our social media exposure and it brings an interactive element to our match day experience.”
Mike Turner, Commercial Director, Gloucester Rugby Club
Eventstagram slideshow

Dear Eventstagrammers,

Today is a big day for us! Whilst you have been busy creating some awesome Eventstagram slideshows, we have been frantically working on lots of new features!
Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Unlimited Free Trials For Our Eventstagram Slideshow

We have now made it easier for you to instantly trial a live hashtag with our new demo:

Eventstagram demo


Eventstagram is now operated on a credit system. Each member gets enough credits to run a Bronze slideshow for free, and this is automatically renewed each month.
Credits are simple to purchase and once you have enough you will be given instant access to the additional features. For regular Eventstagram users we sell them in discounted bundles to make each event even better value.
Eventstagram Slideshow Bronze Package

We have replaced the current free slideshows with a Bronze Package.
Don’t worry, this is still free of charge and still playable for 1 hour. But now you can quickly and easily extend the slideshow by adding credits to your account.
Eventstagram Slideshow Silver Package
Our Silver Package gives you the chance to log in and ban unwanted photos that appear on your slideshow. It lasts for 6 hours and can show up to 1000 photos in our beautiful eventstagram theme.
This is where your 30 free credits becomes of use – you are now nearly halfway towards gaining access to this package.

Enjoy Your Eventstagram Slideshow

We still have lots more to come and are constantly working on new ways to extend and improve our service. If you have any suggestions or want to ask any questions we would love to hear from you – send us a tweet @eventstagram or an email on
We hope you are able to give these features a go and that Eventstagram continues to entertain your guests, transform the backdrop to your event and build up your events social media marketing impact!
The Eventstagram Team.
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