Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the story of the incredible and unexpected commercial success of Pokémon GO, as I’m sure you’ve already heard it a million times. But there’s something we at EventsTag were convinced of, and that Pokémon GO has now proven:

We’ve entered the age of Augmented Reality.

While we’ve seen some attempts in the past few years, there’s a good reason why it’s only kicked off recently. Just look at your phone — today’s level of technology means anyone with a decent smartphone has access to a whole lot of cool things. And what do we want? Coolness, excitement, to be transported to another world… In one word, we want experiences!

VR and AR are probably the coolest things tech companies have brought us these days in terms of experiences. Boundaries have been pushed further than ever before and you can now give your ideas a whole lot more depth than you used to. Lots of companies are jumping in and coming up with their own version of the “Cool Tool”.

But it’s not all having the technology at your disposal, having good ideas to actually make the experience great is where you have to start from. And when the concept behind your campaign is a bit weak, it means more disappointment than excitement, as we’ve experienced a couple of months ago.

Technology VS ideas

the Jaguar Feel Wimbledon activation standWith our HQ just a stone’s throw from London Waterloo Station, we get to see some VERY cool experiential marketing every single day. There’s always something a bit mad going on, and in mid July, it was Jaguar’s shot at it. We, along with hundreds of commuters, were invited to #FeelWimbledon with virtual reality and a bit of imagination. Or rather a lot actually…

AR goggles for Jaguar

Does this guy look impressed? No, he doesn’t.

Staff were super friendly and the futuristic little pod took eight people at once, so we didn’t have to wait long before being ushered in. Some of the team were disappointed to discover that it wasn’t actual Wimbledon that we got to feel, but an animated version of it.

We were kind of expecting virtual REALITY, not er… virtual virtual. We flew through the air with the pretend birds and were dropped from a great height (argh!) into Centre Court. Then into Andy Murray’s pixelated body (arrrgh)!

There was probably a nice idea from Jaguar behind this concept, but we weren’t convinced that the end result really matched up to expectations. Luckily, it didn’t affect Andy’s performance in the final 🙂

Have you crossed paths with a super cool (or a super-missed) VR/AR campaign? What did you think of it? Do you, like me, think they’re a real game-changer in our industry?


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