Green Screen

Be anywhere, whenever! A custom green screen and photo booth that creates spectacular photos & GIFs to share across social media.

How it works

Step into our green screen and choose your background. In 3...2...1 see your picture get turned into your fantasy.

You tell us what kind of background you want your guests to appear in. Our designers create backgrounds and overlays, and setup the booth.

Guests take a picture using the booth and can choose between several backgrounds. The booth instantly replaces the green screen with the background of their choice.

They get the content by email, share it with their smartphones, and set off with a print of their picture. You get great, authentic content on your hashtag.

This sound good? You get all of this too...

A designer to take care of creating backgrounds and branding

On-hand expert to make sure everything runs smoothly. From idea stage to all-round social media success

Detailed post-event report, so you can see how things went. And who your most influential guests were

Opportunity to integrate facial recognition technology

Green Screen in action

Dove #ChoosePleasure

Dove chose our Green Screen Technology in combination with SMS/Text and a Printing Station for their tour of festivals around the US!





“Recomendo fortemente usar a EventsTag para a transmissão ao vivo do feed da hashtag e Instagram do seu evento, alcançando seu público-alvo e promovendo o reconhecimento da marca!“

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