Our most versatile booth. Get stills, GIFs, videos, SloMos and prints from an elegant, modular case.

How it works

Visitors take a picture, a GIF, a video or a SloMo. They share it on your Social Media. Optionally, they get a print of their picture.

You decide whether you want to go for photo, GIF, SloMo or video, print pictures on the spot, use it as a table top or a stand, etc… We create a bespoke interface for your event, and completely setup the booth.

Guests create content using the booth, and can choose to send the content to their email address and to share it on your social media.

They get the content by email, share it with their smartphones, and walk away with a print of their picture. You get great, authentic content on your hashtag.

You get all of this too

A designer to take care of creating branding

On-hand expert to make sure everything runs smoothly from idea stage to all-round social media success

Relatório detalhado do pós-evento, para saber como tudo correu, e quem foram os convidados de maior influência.

Opportunity to integrate facial recognition technology

White Rose GIFmas

GIFs created


Polaroids printed


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