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We love ideas. Whether they are yours or ours, we don't mind. Our team of experienced developers, designers and production specialists are hungry to build the most innovative, most engaging and most transformational social amplification experiences out there.

Whether its a small customisation of one of our existing products or building something that's never been done before using our platform as the base we are here to help.

Our team love to talk (we also love coffee so feel free to make it a coffee meeting too) so even if it's just to check that putting a camera on the moon to take a selfie of your party is possible, we will always steer you in the right direction.

In Action...

The World’s Largest Social Wall

During the Rugby World Cup 2015, O2 had the challenge of making social noise without being a sponsor. We gave them the power to do this with the world's largest social media wall. Selected tweets were beamed onto the roof of the O2. Cameras were then timed to take a GIF of their individual image and automatically tweeted back to them!

Twitter Powered Lighting

Sally Hansen wanted to create a gigantic splash at New York Fashion week. So we transformed their store into a fully functional Twitter powered light show. Fashionista's flocked to the pop up store, posted their favorite nail polish color on Twitter and watched as their name appeared on the screen and the lights instantly switched to the color of their choice.

So, about that chat?

We love ideas! Have a request? Then let's talk!

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