Real Time Information Delivery

Fully content-managed emails, with personalisation options including name and scores. Send your attendees a note of thanks, a reminder about an offer or even clues to the next part of the experience!

Track Email Delivery Performance

All emails sent by the EventsTag RFID Platform are tracked and we report on email opens, clicks and bounces and other important metrics. This offers valuable insights for your post-event reporting.

Pre Event

Setup the content you wish to share with your attendees and associate it with each interactive touch point, all via the cloud-based dashboard.

During The Event

Any attendee engaging with your promotional staff or stand who is interested in receiving more information on a particular product, webinar or campaign – can tap their wristband on an interactive touchpoint and content is delivered to them instantly via e-mail! You can monitor content going out, as well as update the content at any time via the cloud-based dashboard.

Post Event

Within the dashboard, organisers can access real-time data on who has requested more information as well as detailed insights on delivery, open and click-through rates.

What previous customers say about our real-time content delivery

The real-time content delivery functionality was a brilliant way to distribute relevant information to all of our attendees whilst they were at the event. Additionally, we sent 80% of our attendees to our online landing page, where a large percentage registered to our webinar!