Our experiences are split into two categories. Create and Amplify. Pick one experience from each category to skyrocket your events social reach.

Social Halo

A stunning photo booth where guests create their own shareable, branded GIF and spread the word to their friends all along your event.

Green Screen

Create fully custom pictures using our Green Screen technology and send your guests anywhere, instantly.

Social Tower

Our most versatile booth! Do still images, GIFs, videos and SloMos, in an elegant and flexible case that can even come with a printer!


Virtual make-up and costume props for your audience! Turn faces into anything, instantaneously.

Postcard Printer

A simple touchscreen that turns your guests’ Instagrams & Tweets into real-life postcards sent to the address of their choice, anywhere in the world.

Social Wall

Livestream your event’s Social Media. Captivate crowds with a fully serviced and custom branded Instagram & Twitter wall.

Social Slots

Turn your event’s hashtag into a screen-based social slot machine fueled by Instagrams & Tweets.

Polaroid Printer

An intuitive touchscreen printer that turns Instagrams & Tweets into branded 6 x 4 Polaroid prints instantly.

Coming soon...

Where They From?

Create a live map of your guests, hometowns, favourite cities or next destinations with a live hashtag map.

Social Mosaic

Print your guests photos and turn them into
one huge work of art.

Group Photo

Everybody in! Use individual shots to create a massive team photo and watch it being created live.