Our experiences are split into two categories. Create and Amplify. Pick one experience from each category to skyrocket your events social reach.

Social Halo

A stunning photo booth that takes branded GIFs. Send them to users mobile devices for rapid sharing on Social Media.

Green Screen

Create fully custom pictures using our Green Screen technology and send your guests anywhere, instantly.

SLO MO Station

Make the quick actions, last! A photo booth that captures quick motions and slows them down to create a unique, shareable video.


Lose the makeup and digitally transform your guests into whatever or whomever you want them to be with your own digital masking app.


Present your fans with ultimate takeaway. A fully unique, nostalgia heavy, branded trading card.

Social Wall

Don't just watch it, be a part of it! Tweet, tag, and post your photos from multiple social media platforms, where your name and photos can be show on the big screen within seconds.

Social Slots

Giving away prizes and want your guest to join the action? Hashtag your photo on social, and watch the wheel spin.
Three times in a row… jackpot you win a prize!

Polaroid Printer

An interactive touchscreen printer, that turns Instagram and Twitter photos instantly into 6x4 branded Polaroid Prints.

Social Mosaic

Print your guests photos and turn them into
one huge work of art.

Hashtag Postcards

Create custom 6x4 branded postcards to print out and mail to someone special all over the world!

Coming soon...


Everybody in! Use individual images to create a massive team photo of all of your guests. Watch it animate live as each person enters the frame.


Give your fans their own exclusive. They drop in their social handle and watch as the screen displays a unique mosaic of their own social history.


Think of displays in Time Square plastering their name in lights! Using our greenscreen technology, we can create unique scenes for each guest.