How it works...

Tell us how you want the booth to look, and that hashtag you'll be using at your event. Our in-house design team will then customize and brand it to suit your needs.

Users step up to the booth and a countdown begins - 3...2...1 and the booth snaps a photo. The countdown will repeat 3 times to to create a branded GIF of four different poses.

The user can send the GIF to their phone, computer or other device instantly by either text message or e-mail. They can then post to social media platforms, using your hashtag - which is sent to them along with their GIF.


Want to print out your GIFs? We can do that! Along with sending your photo, we can print out each GIF into our 4-frame window format onto our 6x4 branded polaroids for a great take-away.

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Our clients always have a 'GIF-in' good time!

Still not convinced? Check this out!

Miller Lite @ Austin City Limits: #ITSMILLERTIME

Miller Lite treated Austin City Limit goers to a pop up arcade over the two weekend long festival. To make the moment sharable, we captured snapshots of guests in front of the Miller mural, stringing 4 of each group into a thrilling animated GIF, which was then delivered straight to their phones via SMS, optimized sharing on social.

OUTREACH: 4,250,138

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“EventsTag was a total hit. It worked really well and was adopted by everyone. Our guests are normally a tricky bunch to get to try new things but they were really keen to give it a go!“

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