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You tell us what prizes you would like to give away and how you want the slots to look. Our in-house design team creates a spectacular social slot machine customized, just for you!

User will take a photo on their own mobile device, then post the photo either on Twitter or Instagram, using your event Hashtag.

User watches their photos appear in a queue on the big screen. If their post appears 3 times in a row, jackpot! They win a prize!

Our winners!

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College Welcome Week: #EBAY2WAYS

Ready to win big? Well for these 10 colleges, they certainly did. College welcome weeks are full of brands trying to make an impression. eBay didn’t want to be a part of the clutter, so we helped them give away prizes and engage students on social with our unique branded, interactive prizing tool - the social slot machine.

OUTREACH: 336,1200

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