How it works...

Give us your branding and hashtag you would like at your event. Our in-house design team will customize everything you want into the photo booth.

Users step into the Photo booth area, where they will see a countdown 3...2...1 that instantly records their own SLO MO video.

The user can send the photo to their personal smartphone or device by either text message or e-mail. They can then post to social media platforms from their devices, using a hashtag that is prompted by instructions delivered along with the photo.

Slo it down...

Still not convinced? Check this out!

The Colour Run: #ColourMeHappy

In the paint fueled fun fest that is the Colour Run there is no shortage of photo ops, but this year the organizers wanted something new. So we gave them our slo mo booths and a whole host of paint splattering slo motion videos!

OUTREACH: 12,000,000

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