How it works...

Give us your branding and hashtag you would like at your event. Our in-house design team will customize everything you want into the photo booth.

User steps into the photo booth space, where they will be asked to select their position and type in their name. They will then stand in front of the green screen and taps on the screen to begin. Our state of the art software places users into a fan card style image with their name, and stats, that automatically generated bases on their photo and information they inserted.

The user can print their photo for a branded take-away. As well, the user can send the photo to their personal smartphone or device by e-mail, where they can post to social media platforms from their devices, using a hashtag that is promoted by instructions delivered along with the photo.

Our Trading Cards are sporty and fun!

Chelsea Football Club


What people say about us!

“EventsTag is amazing! Not only is it extremely easy to use and customize, the support staff are amazing at answering questions super quickly and were extremely helpful. Will use again!“

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