How it works...

Work with us to integrate your branding into our Video Booth, and tell us the questions you’d like your guests to answer on camera. Then we’ll set the booth up, ready for your event.

Your attendees walk up to the booth and hit 'Start Recording'. They’ll be prompted to answer your questions by talking to the camera, with a set amount of time to answer each one.

Once they’ve finished answering all the questions, they’ll be shown a holding screen while we finalise their video. They can then share the video direct from the booth.

Your guests in the hot-seat

Still not convinced? Check this out!

O2 Volunteer Day

Our video booth gave O2 employees a chance to share their wisdom and encouragement with young jobseekers at the start of their careers. They were prompted to answer three questions on interview technique and preparations, and gave some fantastic answers - all filmed and turned into videos, live by our Video Booth.

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“EventsTag was a total hit. It worked really well and was adopted by everyone. Our guests are normally a tricky bunch to get to try new things but they were really keen to give it a go!“

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