Track Games Played and Points Accumulated.

Guests can play games, both digital and physical, and compete for a place on the leaderboard. Scores such as points, distance and time are recorded with a tap and are tracked and monitored online and in real-time in the EventsTag RFID Platform.

Build Personalised Leaderboards

Our extensive API allows you to build highly personalised digital games and leaderboards. Show your attendees leaderboards in-venue or online, and have them share their scores on social media with a simple tap.

Pre Event

Setup points and scores in the dashboard and assign them to specific touchpoints. Points are captured and tracked in real-time.

During The Event

Guests can play games both physical and digital and compete for a place on a real-time leaderboard. Scores are captured and shared online, by tapping their Smartbands.

Post Event

Real-time check-in feeds and post-event CSV reports are available through your dashboard. Enabling you to identify who attended which zones, and which sessions were most popular.