Creating & Managing Content

There are plenty of ways for your fans to create content and also for you to manage what’s included, and what’s not.

Twitter hashtags & usernames

Collect images, text or videos from Twitter posts using your chosen hashtag(s) or posted from chosen accounts.

Instagram hashtags & usernames

Collect images or videos posted on Instagram using your chosen hashtag(s) or posted from chosen accounts.

Dropbox collection

Monitor dropbox accounts and collect image or video files as they’re added.

Approve or ban moderation

Keep control of what’s included in your activation by approving specific posts or banning those which aren’t relevant.

Featured posts

Mark your favourite posts from you phone or laptop to feature them more prominently in your activation.

Data Capture

Ask attendees questions and collect their information directly from your booth. For example, ask their name and email address, then allow them to opt-in for marketing.

Content Sharing

When using our experiences to take photos, videos and create GIFs you can share them with guests and publicly in a number of ways.

Email or Text send

Send the content created at your experiences directly to your guests, instantly via text or email.


An online gallery which contains all content taken at your EventsTag booth. This is filterable by date and gives users the ability to download or share directly from the page.

QR Codes

Using our QR code cards allows you to direct event attendees online to view their content.


Create individual RFID cards for each guest, so they can scan to use any experience without the need to log in, and retrieve it later with just a swipe.

Facebook & Twitter Share

Share directly to your Facebook or Twitter accounts using the hashtags of your choice.

Content Display

There are plenty of ways to access and display the content your fans generate during your campaigns.

Social Wall

An animated, branded slideshow which displays the content created live, as it happens. These can be used on their own or tie in perfectly with the rest of our experiences.

API Feed

Displaying the content collected by our platform somewhere else is simple using our API feed to send data to external platforms.

Social Hub

Embed a live feed of the content generated into your website using an EventsTag Social Hub.


A standalone microsite to display your campaign content, hosted on your domain.


Each of our activations comes complete with a report showing the key stats from your campaign, including:

Quantity of Content

The number of posts collected or pieces of content generated during your campaign.

Quantity of Social Posts

The number of posts on social networks which include your hashtag.

Social Reach

How many people have seen the content posted using your hashtag.

Sentiment Analysis

We track the sentiment of social posts using your hashtag based on the language used.

Influencer Analysis

Find the top influencers interacting with your content and hashtag to maximise your reach.

QR Cards

Utilize QR cards to gather data to drive traffic to your microsite and get people sharing.

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Our Create products come with custom microsites as standard to host your attendee's content and share directly on their phones

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All of our products are integrated into our RFID system so user's can scan their badge to get their content as quickly as possible without needing to enter their details in the booth and holding up the queues.

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