Our Experiential Platform is Your Experiential Platform

Our team of smart developers can integrate any requirements you have, from APIs to ZSH. Talk to us about your requirements.

API Access

You can access our API to pull in content from our system into your website, app, AV or digital signage.

Hardware builds

Our booths can be controlled in a number of ways, from phone apps to pressure sensors.


Do you need us to hook into your CRM, marketing tool or analytics platform? Do you already have a supplier for your RFID, phone app or photo booth? No problem. We can easily send data to and from our Experiential Platform through a variety of technologies.


Our Experiential Platform has been built over 5 years by an highly talented team of developers using cutting-edge technology. Whether your event has 500 or 500,000 attendees our platform scales to your needs.


All of our products are integrated into our RFID system so user's can scan their badge to get their content as quickly as possible without needing to enter their details in the booth and holding up the queues.

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QR Cards

Utilize QR cards to gather data to drive traffic to your microsite and get people sharing.

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Our Create products come with custom microsites as standard to host your attendee's content and share directly on their phones

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Talk to us about your requirements

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