Easily Integrate RFID into your Event

No more queues at booths. Your attendees will love our simple process for getting content onto their phones.

Attendees register for your event on our registration stations or we can import your existing attendee list

Tap your RFID badge onto one of our booths to record some awesome, shareable content

Receive the content directly to your phone or we can easily integrate with other API providers to get the content onto your phone as quickly as possible

Move onto the next experience. No need to enter your details again. No more queues!


Check out some of the features of using RFID in our photo booths for your next event.

No Queues

After registration just tap, snap and be on your way. No more entering emails or data capture.

Personalised RFID Cards

We can print your branding onto our RFID cards. We can even include an attendee's photo for a truly personalised experience.

Registration Station

Our registration stations are easy to use. Simply tap the RFID card and enter your details just once and you're ready to use all the experiences.

Automatic Sharing

Once the content is captured we can automatically post to Facebook, tweet to Twitter, attach to a MMS or just send as an email. The content is hosted on a secure microsite so it's only shared if the user wants it to be.

Track your attendees

Our reporting allows you to drill down to each experience and see who has interacted with it and who has shared the content.


Our software plays nicely with others. We can seamlessly integrate with your existing solutions.

Rodan & Fields

We helped Rodan & Fields deliver no less that 34 experiences for their 17,000 photo-hungry attendees at their annual conference in Las Vegas. We sent more than 18,000 emails over 5 days, including videos, photos, GIFs, physical takeaways and prize slot machines, all powered by our RFID technology.