Identification and Personalisation

API calls will allow you to identify a user, gather personal information and their activity history. This can be used to tailor and personalise an experience with a simple tap, massively enhancing the user experience.

Share Personalised Experiences

Once you have created your personalised experience, share it back through the EventsTag RFID Platform for amplification and insights. Create a bespoke game, photo, or digital memory and share it via the platform with a simple tap.

Pre Event

Each attendee can register their details to their Smartband. Their data isn’t stored locally on the Smartband but in the EventsTag RFID Platform dashboard. The more information they provide, the more we can personalise their experiences.

During The Event

Upon tapping their Smartbands onto interactive touch points, we can display their details in a variety of ways, from a simple name on the tablet, so ambassadors can greet them by name. To dropping their name or other data on digital leaderboards or creative, digital posters. The options are limitless!

Post Event

Personalisation is proven to increase customer loyalty and conversion rates. By creating a one-on-one experience for each attendee, you increase the likelihood of them sharing their experience with friends and re-visiting future events.