Snap Mask

Virtual make-up and costume props for your audience! Turn faces into anything, instantaneously.

How it works

Choose the masks. Let your guests take a picture with the booth. See their faces being transformed instantly.

You choose the masks that will be available on the booth. Our designers create and implement them into the booth.

Guests take a picture using the booth and can choose their mask. The booth instantly applies the mask to their face, at any angle.

Guests can publish the picture on their social media accounts, using your event’s Hashtag or send it to their email.

Sound good?

Let your guests create lovable content that they will share with their friends and followers.

You get all of this too…

Facial Tracking technology to track event the slightest facial movement

A designer to take care of creating masks, props and branding

On-hand expert to make sure everything runs smoothly. From idea stage to all-round social media success

Detailed post-event report, so you can see how things went, and who your most influential guests were

Combine it

Hook in a Polaroid Printer or a Hashtag Mailbox along with the Snap Mask and offer your guests a physical souvenir of the experience.

Snap Mask in action


AT&T used the Snap Mask as part of their US tour for the PAC-12 Conference, and had a very active and excited about the activation!





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