Turn Attendees Into Social Media Advocates

All content shared is personalised and managed by you, so you choose the links and tone of messages. Content shared by the EventsTag RFID Platform carries far more weight than an ‘advert’ as your attendees have chosen to share it.

Measure Real Reach and Influence

We track how many eyes have actually seen the content shared by the EventsTag RFID Platform – not estimates. You can also identify your social influencers and offer enhanced experiences to those with the largest social reach.

Pre Event

Setup the content you wish to share on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and associate it with each interactive touch point, all via the cloud-based dashboard.

During The Event

Upon tapping on specific interactive touchpoints, attendees share the content you’ve predefined to all their online friends!

Post Event

Social media analytics on specifics regarding social reach, connections and posts are available for real-time viewing or downloadable via CSV.

What previous customers say about our Social Media Amplification

The Social Media solution enabled us to amplify our summer festival activations to half a million people on Facebook and Twitter! Additionally, each piece of content was personally shared and personalised by each attendee, which significantly increased engagement and word of mouth.

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