More than any other industry, beauty comes to life on social media. Makeup tutorials are getting millions of hits every day - from people with an iPhone and a video editor from the App Store. Anybody can bring your brand to life on social media, if they want to.

And that’s what we do - we motivate people to share their beauty advice with the world, through events.

An Instagrammable event is one that’ll live on. We’ll help turn each of your guests’ phones into a marketing channel driving interest and boosting engagement with your brand.

Over 100,000 events globally, large and small, have used an EventsTag experience to “wow” crowds and boost their social media marketing.

How we do it

We started out with the Social Wall, a crowd-sourced social media hub of activity.

And once we’d fine-tuned that technology we developed immersive, fully-branded experiences to really draw guests into the heart of your brand:

In action: Sally Hansen’s #ManiMatch

Launching their new #ManiMatch app, which lets you know which of their nail varnishes is best suited to you based on a photo of your hand, Sally Hansen wanted to make sure their varnish was splashed all over social media.

We wanted more than a small prompt in step 3 of the app’s how to, pushing users to share their perfect mani match on social media. We wanted something more experiential, more immersive.

So we installed a social wall at their New York pop up launch, motivating guests to share their beautiful fingertips with the world and adding a pop of colour to the event. And every time somebody posted a photo with the hashtag #ManiMatch and their colour, for example #inpromptblue, the whole pop up lit up that colour.

The hashtag was seen by over 5 and a half million people.

It was a creative, fun way to bring the brand and its product to life. Guests felt that they were really shaping the event and being valued. It was a great incentive to post.