This is Music Industry 2.0, and Social Media has taken its throne like no other media had done it ever before. It is at the very center of the whole activity, from finding next year’s talent to generating immense revenues in advertising on platforms like YouTube or Spotify.

So no one in the Music Industry should overlook Social Media. But how to get it right? How can you make sure that it does not just turn out to be random pictures on an Instagram account?

The answer is EventsTag

Going to a show is an experience that people want to remember. And that’s exactly what EventsTag does. We create live experiences that people share on Social Media and get a souvenir of their experience that they’ll be able to relive over and over again.

We’ve got fully-branded experiences to really draw guests into the heart of your event:

In Action: Governors Ball 2016

It was cruelly cut short by the weather gods, but Governors Ball 2016 still made a splash. Miguel, Years & Years, Galantis and more took to the stages to deliver unforgettable, if slightly damp, performances. Tweets and Instagram post tagged #GovBallNYC were grabbed and thrown up on the massive screens for the whole crowd to see.
150,000 posts were hashtagged at Governors Ball this year and that generated over one million likes. And it didn’t stop there – over five hundred million people saw them. FOMO x 503,092,100.

Over 100,000 events globally, large and small, have used an EventsTag experience to “wow” crowds and boost their social media marketing.