You’ve seen that face sports fans make, catching sight of themselves on the big screen - a moment’s delay followed by a beaming grin and a frantic wave. At EventsTag, we’ve bottled that feeling.

Get your fans involved in your next sports event with a big-screen social wall. Display the very best of their hashtagged content for the whole crowd to see - and watch social media engagement soar.

One of our designers will slip a social wall seamlessly into your event. It’ll look just right. Fully-branded and completely customisable, your wall can be easily moderated, too. With a clever little mobile-optimized tool, simply swipe to approve each post.

It can bend and flex to fit any space at your live event, making it the perfect activation. Your social wall can be displayed on any screen, large or small. (We recommend large. Really, really large.)

And it doesn’t stop there. Using our core tech, we’ve created immersive social media experiences for every occasion: GIF booths, hashtag mailboxes, polaroid stations and now, social slots.

You’ll get a granular report when it’s all over, showing exactly who shared what and when. Your hashtag - your data.

In action: #WearetheRose for Rugby World Cup at The O²

Definitely our biggest social wall to date was the roof of The O2, London. We beamed tweets on to the giant canvas, showing love and support for the England squad.

For the duration of the tournament, hand-picked social media posts from fans lit up The O2 from sunset to midnight. A truly magical bit of marketing in the world’s largest ever light projection.

Nina Bibby, marketing and consumer director at O2, said: “This is the pinnacle of our 20-year partnership with the England Rugby and is the ultimate demonstration of O2’s support for the team.”