What is a photo mosaic?

A photo mosaic is a large photo made up from lots of smaller photos. Each small photo has part of a larger image overlaid onto it, so the large image only becomes visible once all the smaller photos are put together in the right place

Beautiful and Personal

What better way for your guests to feel like they contribute to the wedding than creating a personal gift during the event that can be kept forever.

How does it work?

Say cheese

The guest has their photo taken at the wedding at either a photo booth or a roaming photographer.


The photo is automatically printed onto a 5cm x 5cm sticker with part of a larger photo overlaid onto it.

Stick 'em up

The guest sticks their numbered sticker onto the space on the pre-printed grid.


Easy to use

Just set up the app and let it run to automatically print from the source. You can reprint or import new photos from right within the app.

Digital version

The happy couple can get a digital version of the mosaic to share with their friends after the wedding.


We can integrate with any photo booth via Dropbox or a local network shared folder, or use the EventsTag photo booth app for a no-fuss set up.

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